Event #10: $10,000 Dealer's Choice 6-Handed Championship

Gorodinsky Fades Gutshot; Doubles Through Diebold

zedmaster84 • Level 25

No-Limit Hold'em

Mike Gorodinsky pushed all in from the button for 610,000 and Ben Diebold called instantly in the big blind.

Mike Gorodinsky: {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}
Ben Diebold: {a-Hearts}{6-Clubs}

The {9-Spades}{8-Hearts}{5-Clubs} flop gave Diebold a gutshot to go with his live card but he missed on the {5-Hearts} turn and {2-Spades} river.

Player Chips Progress
Ben Diebold us
Ben Diebold
us 6,060,000 -645,000
Mike Gorodinsky us
Mike Gorodinsky
us 1,295,000 645,000

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