Event #52: $2,500 Nine Game Mix 6-Handed

Park Takes Huge Chip Lead After Biggest Pot of Tournament

MikePatrick • Level 28
Kijoon Park

Limit Omaha 8 or Better

Over 1,500,000 chips were in the pot before a flop was even spread as Taylor Paur raised under the gun, Nick Guagenti three-bet from middle position, and then Kijoon Park made it four bets from the cutoff with both Paur and Guagenti calling.

The flop came {k-Spades}{7-Spades}{9-Diamonds}, and after action was checked to Park, who bet in position, Paur called and then Guagenti raised. Both his opponents called and almost 2,500,000 was now in the pot.

On the {10-Clubs} turn, ensuring no low would be possible and the already massive pot would be scooped, things got even bigger.

This time it was Guagenti making the first bet. Park then called and now it was Paur putting in the raise. Both opponents called and just under another 1,500,000 was in the middle.

The river paired the board with the {10-Hearts} and after Paur now checked and Guagenti bet, it was Park's turn to raise.

Paur quickly folded, but Guagenti, down to under 400,000 left, needed several minutes to think.

He frustratedly came to the decision of a fold, awarding the massive over four million chip pot to Park, who now has a commanding lead over his six remaining opponents.

Player Chips Progress
Kijoon Park us
Kijoon Park
us 8,550,000 8,550,000
Taylor Paur us
Taylor Paur
us 2,500,000 -1,050,000
Nick Guagenti us
Nick Guagenti
us 370,000 -1,680,000

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