Event #60: $10,000 Short Deck No-Limit Hold'em

Huge Pot Goes to Nakanishi

ajlamers • Level 21: 0-0, 20,000 ante

Each player stuck in 150,000 apiece preflop and the dealer fanned the flop of {k-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}. Both players checked and the {9-Hearts} paired the board on the turn.

Ben Lamb led out with a bet of 150,000 and Shota Nakanishi raised to 500,000. Lamb countered with a three-bet to 1,000,000 and Nakanishi called.

The {j-Spades} completed the board and Lamb thought it over before tapping the table. Nakanishi also checked and Lamb turned over {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}. Nakanishi showed {9-Spades}{7-Spades} and regained his large chip advantage.

Player Chips Progress
Shota Nakanishi jp
Shota Nakanishi
jp 5,200,000 1,250,000
Ben Lamb us
Ben Lamb
us 1,400,000 -1,250,000

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