Event #79: $10,000 Razz Championship

Martini Soars With Call On End

LiamGannon • Level 18: Limits 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante
Julien Martini

Action was picked up on fourth street between Joao Vieira, Ziya Rahim, and Julien Martini.

Julien Martini: {x-}{x-}/{7-}{10-}{7-}{2-}/{x-}
Ziya Rahim: {x-}{x-}/{a-}{8-}{3-}{2-}/{x-}
Joao Vieira: {x-}{x-}/{8-}{5-}{k-}{q-}/{x-}

Rahim bet on fourth street which saw Vieira raise, getting calls from both Martini and Rahim.

On fifth street Rahim bet once more and both players called, with the same action repeating on sixth street.

On seventh street Rahim bet once more, which saw Vieira fold and Martini raise. Rahim responded by re-raising and Martini went into the tank. He looked at Rahim once over, then put in the call. "Good call," said Rahim "I have a queen." Martini turned over {a-}{3-}{6-} for a perfect seven-six and he rose high up the chip counts.

"How do I not win this hand," lamented Vieira after the conclusion of the hand.

Player Chips Progress
Julien Martini fr
Julien Martini
fr 2,275,000 735,000
Joao Vieira pt
Joao Vieira
Winamax Team Pro
pt 217,000 -460,000
Ziya Rahim us
Ziya Rahim
us 179,000 -463,000

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