[Online] No-Limit Hold'em BIG $500

Matthew ''WhiteMJ'' Jewett Eliminated in 4th Place ($41,878)

Toogood32 • Level 43: 160,000-320,000, 40,000 ante

After a huge clash against ''omahabrian'', Matthew ''WhiteMJ'' Jewett was eliminated in fourth place for $41,878. After Matthew ''WhiteMJ'' Jewett opened under-the-gun and the button and small blind called, he lead for approximately 900,000 into a 3,100,000 pot on {k-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}.

''omahabrian'' called out of the small blind and the {10-Clubs} fell on the turn. Again Jewett bet, 1,920,000 chips and "omahabrian" put him all-in. He called quickly.

Matthew ''WhiteMJ'' Jewett {j-Spades}{q-Diamonds}
"omahabrian": {k-Clubs}{q-Clubs}

Jewett was ahead...until he wasn't. The {a-Clubs} on the river gave the pot to ''omahabrian'' and left Matthew ''WhiteMJ'' Jewett with little.

He busted shortly afterwards. Unfortunate for Jewett, congratulations on the fourth-place finish.