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Event #4: €3,200 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Selbst Applies Pressure To Sivho

YorkshirePud • Level 4: 150-300, 25 ante
Vanessa Selbst

The flop reads {Q-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{K-Hearts} and Lari Sivho checks then calls Vanessa Selbst's 300 bet. The dealer burns a card before putting the {3-Hearts} out as the fourth community card. Once again Sivho check-calls Selbst's bet, which has now been increased to 1,000.

The river is the {2-Clubs} and Sivho checks then lets out some weird noise when faced with a 2,000 bet. This bet essentially puts the Finn all in as he only has 2,800. He folds and Selbst shows him {K-}{3-}.

Selbst has completely crushed everyone who has taken her on today.

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