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Event #5: €10,450 Mixed Max - No-Limit Hold'em

Aguiar Wins Another; Needles Cantu


The spice in this contest from two days ago is still lingering today, and has the potential to travel right up the Scoville scale.

Jonathan Aguiar is pulling clear after the two played out a hand that made it all the way to showdown. Aguiar opened to 40,000 and Cantu called before both players checked the {2-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{7-Hearts} flop.

On the {a-Spades} turn Cantu led for 55,000 and Aguiar called to the {8-Spades} river. Cantu checked and tank-called a 135,000 after he muttered something about Phil Hellmuth.

Aguiar responded, "Did Hellmuth turn you into a calling station?" And opened {a-Clubs}{8-Clubs} for two-pair.

Cantu pointed out that Aguiar likes to hit rivers.

Player Chips Progress
Jonathan Aguiar pt
Jonathan Aguiar
pt 1,710,000 159,000
Brandon Cantu us
Brandon Cantu
us 1,170,000 -159,000

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