2021 World Series of Poker Europe End Boss Poker Series BetMGM
Event #7: €10,450 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Lewis' Pair of Eights Win

donpeters • Level 16: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante

From early position, two-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Jason Mercier raised to 12,000. Toby Lewis called on the button, and Paul Tedeschi called out of the small blind.

The flop came down {A-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{2-Spades}, and Tedeschi checked. Mercier fired a continuation bet of 16,000, and Lewis called. Tedeschi also called.

On the turn, the {9-Hearts} hit the felt. Tedeschi, Mercier and Lewis all checked to see the {2-Clubs} fall on the river. That's where all three checked again.

Tedeschi showed the {K-Spades}{10-Spades} for king high, but Mercier then showed the {7-Hearts}{7-Spades} for a pair of sevens. Lewis showed the {10-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} to beat both of those hands with a pair of eights, and he won the pot.

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