MSPT Deadwood 2021 NJSCOOP 2021 MISCOOP
Event #4: €250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold'em

Chin Wei Lim Eliminated in 2nd Place (€1,757,857)

ajlamers • Level 24: 1,500,000-3,000,000, 3,000,000 ante
Chin Wei Lim Heads-Up

James Chen shoved all in on the button and it didn't take Chin Wei Lim very long to call off his last 23,700,000 from the big blind. It was a similar situation as earlier with Lim holding a slight lead.

James Chen: {a-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}
Chin Wei Lim: {a-Hearts}{5-Clubs}

The flop came {a-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{9-Spades} and it was in all likelihood a chopped pot. The {3-Diamonds} on the turn gave Lim a few outs to win outright but it was in fact the {4-Clubs} that hit the river. Chen rivered two pair and Lim was eliminated in second place.

A full recap of the final table and interview with James Chen the winner will be posted shortly.

Chin Wei Lim Eliminated in 2nd Place
Chin Wei Lim Eliminated in 2nd Place
Chip Counts
James Chen tw 150,000,000 42,000,000
Chin Wei Lim my Busted

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