partypoker US Network Online Series 2020 NJCOOP
Event #7: €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter No-Limit Hold'em

Chalk Up Another for Loeser

ajlamers • Level 9: 400-800, 800 ante

Yves Thalmann limped in from the cutoff and Manig Loeser was having none of it as he shoved all in from the big blind. Thalmann was sitting with a stack of around 20,000 and he mulled it over putting his stack at risk.

Manig Loeser: {9-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}
Yves Thalmann: {q-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}

The flop came {a-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{5-Spades} and Loeser spiked a nine to take the lead. The {2-Hearts} on the turn nor the {a-Hearts} on the river could save Thalmann as Loeser picked up a bounty chip.

Tomasz Gluszko was unsure of the preflop action but once he was filled in he was still a little confused. "I thought you were a good player," he said to Loeser jokingly.

"You thought wrong," Loeser responded.

Chip Counts
Manig Loeser de 56,000 16,000
Yves Thalmann Busted

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