2021 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #2: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha
Days: 3

Alfredo Vega Meister Eliminated in 5th Place (€13,078)

Level 32 : 80,000-160,000, 160,000 ante
Alfredo Vega Meister
Alfredo Vega Meister

In the very next hand, Alfredo Vega Meister was all-in for 175,000 out of the big blind and Bjorn Verbakel called out of the small blind.

Alfredo Vega Meister: {k-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{3-Hearts}
Bjorn Verbakel: {a-Spades}{7-Hearts}{5-Spades}{2-Diamonds}

The chip and a chair story of Vega Meister found a sad ending as he missed out on all four live cards, a gutshot and flush draw on the {q-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} runout. Vega Meister was eliminated in 5th place and takes home €13,078.

Player Chips Progress
Bjorn Verbakel nl
Bjorn Verbakel
6,100,000 -60,000
Badge Title
Alfredo Vega Meister es
Alfredo Vega Meister

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