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  • Regulation is currently under discussion
  • Regulation has been discussed but no recent movement
  • Online poker is not likely anytime soon

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(Population of 2.904 million as of 2014)

Kansas offers a state lottery and pari-mutuel wagering options, but it is a long ways away from offering iGaming. In fact, last year a gambling expansion bill, Senate Bill 2055 which sought to establish a new casino, contained an amendment that banned online gambling and classified it as a misdemeanor. That amendment, written by Republican Jacob LaTurner, passed on a 26-11 vote. Ultimately the entire bill failed, but it did shed light on the current view of iGaming in the state.

Another incident that exhibited the state’s stance toward iGaming came back in 2009 when Tom Cascone, Dominic Cervello, and an unidentified third person were held in contempt of court in the Federal Court of the Western District of Missouri after refusing to testify in a case involving online gambling.

In June 2015, one of the last state-owned, privately operated casinos from a 2007 law was awarded a contract to start construction, a $70 million project. This casino will feature slot machines and table games but there is still some contention over fairness in the proposal process from other casinos.

Another vote in 2017 could soon allow for slot machines in the Wichita Greyhound Park; other laws though suggest that there wouldn’t be other gaming facilities with slot machines in Kansas until 2032. This may be an expansion of gaming that is prohibited according to previous law and would be a breach of contract with already-established Kansas Star Casino, reported

Fantasy sports were also legalized in Kansas in May 2015 with HB 2155, a bill passed in the House 98-21 and in the state Senate 37-1. This bill does very little, but at least Kansans can play daily fantasy sports, despite the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission stance that DFS is an illegal lottery, according to Legal Sports Report.

Little talk of online gaming suggests that no new change will come anytime soon.