Is Poker legal in New Hampshire (nh)? Online Poker Laws in New Hampshire Explained


New Hampshire New Hampshire

  • Sports Betting is allowed
  • Sports Betting is legal since 2019
  • Online Poker is forbidden
  • Live Poker is forbidden
  • Online Casino is forbidden

Can You Play Online Poker in New Hampshire?

There is currently no legislation permitting online poker in the state.

Current New Hampshire Gambling Laws

Casinos and casino-style betting are not allowed in New Hampshire. Repeated efforts over the last two decades to pass legislation to allow casinos in the state have routinely failed. The state does permit cruise ships with gambling machines to enter the state for 48-hour periods. There are also numerous charity poker rooms (some of which are called “casinos”) that offer low limit games throughout the state.

Horse racing is allowed by state law, as is on-track pari-mutuel wagering. Greyhound racing had been legal in the state previously, but a 2011 law was passed prohibiting live dog racing in New Hampshire. However, those with licenses can simulcast races run outside the state and allow betting, and residents can now bet on both horse racing and dog racing online.

Historically speaking, New Hampshire was the very first state in the U.S. to introduce a state lottery in 1964, heralding a shift that would eventually see nearly every U.S. state have some form of lottery. As is the case in most other states, residents in New Hampshire can buy lottery tickets online.

In 2019, New Hampshire lawmakers approved a bill legalizing sports betting in the state. Sportbooks launched in New Hampshire in early 2020. Despite that, the idea of online poker in New Hampshire seems more of a hope than a reality.

Best Online Poker Sites for New Hampshire Players

None at present. But you can always play poker for free with the WSOP Social App.

Where is poker legal in the US? Which States can I play online poker in?

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