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Where You Can Play Online Poker In Texas


Can You Play Online Poker in Texas?

Texas is one of the biggest and strictest states in the United States that has been a hotbed for poker for many years. It has been the birthplace of one of the biggest poker gamesTexas Hold’em — and plenty of its famous historical figures. Ironically, it has always been a conservative state when it comes to gambling.

At present, real money online poker in Texas is illegal. Moreover, there are no solid efforts to legalize poker online yet. It seems that Texas will unlikely to join the state with legit online poker. Poker and casino players in Texas usually head outside the state for conventional casino-run poker rooms. However, they typically eat up plenty of spare time in travel. That is why more and more TX poker enthusiasts are opting to play internet poker.

History of Poker and Online Poker in Texas

Poker in Texas has a compelling history. Did you know the most famous poker form known as Texas Hold’em, originated in Robstown, Texas, in the 1900s? Poker in Texas became famous throughout the American West during the nineteenth century. It was not until the game was brought to Las Vegas in 1967 that the game became called Texas Hold'em.

The majority of the best poker players and the early winners of the WSOP were from Texas. Poker players have fought for legal poker in TX for many years, whether it’s Texas online poker rooms or brick-and-mortar set-ups. In 2012 - 2013, American politician and Senator Rodney Ellis introduced a casino bill - House Joint Resolution 49 - that incorporated the legalization of poker in Texas. However, Ellis got no support from his fellow lawmakers.

Since then, Texas businessmen took the initiative in opening many private poker clubs around Texas, mostly in big cities such as Dallas and Houston. Few poker-loving people in Texas started seeking a way to offer poker as a legal activity in 2015. At present, you will find more than two dozen clubs across the state. But there are no solid efforts made till yet for online poker in Texas.

Summary of Texas Gambling & Poker Laws

It is believed that gambling of all forms in TX other than authorized is contrary to state law. Things are always clear, as they might show as far as the law is concerned. But, one thing is true that the Texas Penal Code 47.02 makes gambling illicit in general.

In Texas law, gambling is defined as any bet based on the notion of losing or winning something based on chance. Anyone found guilty has committed a Class C misdemeanor that incurs a fine of $500.

Texas inhabitants are restricted from betting on roulette, poker, blackjack, and other casino games - both at brick-and-mortar casinos and online, as long as they reside in the state's property. Players will now have to wait for regulated and legal online poker in Texas to return to the state.

  • Online Poker/Gambling - Real money online poker is not yet legalized in TX. Moreover, there is no legal casino in the state.
    Live Poker You will only find live poker rooms in the state’s casino. They are found in the major cities in Texas. However, live poker operates in a legal gray area.
  • Casinos - Casinos are officially illicit in the state. However, you can head to the legitimate offshore online casinos to play games poker, blackjack, or other games safely and legally.
  • Sports Betting - At present, land-based sports betting is not permitted in Texas. However, offshore sports betting is allowed.
  • Fantasy Sports - Although users can play daily fantasy sports in Texas at FanDuel and DraftKings, there has not been a bill introduced to regulate it yet. A proposal to legalize DFS was proposed in 2017, but it ended in a committee.
  • Esports - Esports is at present illegal.
  • Other Gambling Options - Horse racing, lottery, charity bingo games, home poker games, horse and greyhound racing, lottery, on-track pari-mutuel betting, social gaming

Online Poker in Texas

Poker rooms, real money online casinos, and live casinos may be illicit in Texas officially. However, the state permits legal horse racing, charity bingo, and lottery. The present Texas law does not describe internet poker. It generally targets people profiting from operating gambling firms in Texas and not playing online.

Is Online Poker Legal in Texas?

Can you legally play online poker from anywhere in Texas? It is the most common question that strikes the mind of poker fans. Well, at present, real money online poker in Texas is not legal. Only a handful of states currently offer legal online poker, including New Jersey, West Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Moreover, it does not look that online poker will come soon in the "Lone Star" state.

You will get into trouble for playing online poker in Texas in public, cheating in some way, or operating your own poker website. Making illicit bets is a misdemeanor in Texas under Section 47.02. Those gamblers who break the law could face hefty charges.

According to Section 47.03, gambling promotion is also a misdemeanor and covers promoting, operating, processing bets, and selling lottery tickets. Under section 47.06, possession of a gambling device, paraphernalia or equipment is also a misdemeanor.

Where Does Texas Offer Legal Online Gambling?

As stated before, Texas has quite a hostile environment or gambling of most forms. The law itself is comprehensive and states that gambling of any type is illicit in the state, except for few defenses to prosecution.

There are no traditional legal gambling and real money poker options in the Lone Star state for poker pros to enjoy for entertainment purposes. Casinos are officially illicit in the state. Betting for money on card games is stated as constituting an offense.

Will Texas Regulate Online Poker?

Texas lawmakers of land-based casino gambling faced a long fight earlier. As per our study, Texas online poker regulation seems to be far away. Typically, poker fans have two big roadblocks when it comes to online poker in TX. The first issue is that Texas is home to numerous residents who have serious ethical and moral issues with gambling itself.

Poker in Texas is also a major problem due to outside influences beyond the state borders. Billions of dollars cross the confines of Texas each year to visit casinos in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Gambling in these states lends financial support to Texas politicians on a regular basis.

It is hard to think that these opponents would support the expansion of gambling competition in the state. Even today, few powerful stakeholders do not want any kind of gambling expansion. These stakeholders include lawmakers and voting blocs in Texas.

US Poker Laws 2020 - Texas FAQ

Can You Play Online Poker in Texas for Real Money?

Poker players are curious about whether or not playing poker for real money online is legal under Texas law. Real money online poker in Texas is not legalized. Furthermore, there are no legal online poker sites in Texas.

Is PokerStars Legal in Texas?

Yes. It is legal to play on PokerStars from Texas. However, it is only for play money, not real money.

Which Form of Gambling is Legal in Texas?

Poker is not an underground activity in Texas. However, the state does not regulate online gambling activity of any form. However, the state regulates lottery betting and pari-mutuel bets on charitable gambling (raffles and bingo games) and racing. Tribal gambling is complicated.

Naskila Gaming (Livingston), Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino (Eagle Pass), and Speaking Rock Entertainment (Ysleta) - each run casino gaming. All three tribes are involved in year-long legal battles with Texas. However, social app poker gaming in a private area or regulated gambling activity is legit if the house mints no profit.

What Happens if I Play Online Poker in Texas Using a VPN?

Using VPNs to play online poker in Texas on international sites is not a good idea. If the platform discovers any player to violate their terms of service, all the profits will be confiscated.

The player will be removed from the gambling site, and recovering player funds may be uncertain. Gamblers may also face banking issues when accessing the sites from an unregulated jurisdiction.

US Poker Legislation: Where Can You Play Online Poker?

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