Further Limit Hold 'em: Exploring the Model Poker Game

Further Limit Hold 'em: Exploring the Model Poker Game

Author: Philip Newall

Year: Jan 2013

Print house: Two Plus Two Publishing


Limit hold'em, while currently not as popular as no-limit hold'em, is an extremely interesting game from a theoretical standpoint: The rules are complex enough to allow constant intrigue, yet simple enough to allow computer bots to play the game on an extremely high level.

These are important advantages over the two other most commonly played flop games: no-limit hold'em and pot-limit Omaha. And yet, all three games share crucial similarities in terms of community cards, game structure, and position. Consequently, these advantages make it the model poker game.

This book approaches limit hold'em in a rigorous way: using game theory, statistical analysis, and a focus on posing new questions that can produce additional value to your game. Some of the conclusions are provocative and counter-intuitive; providing new ideas for any poker player.

While targeted to the dedicated professionals, Further Limit Hold em is accessible to players of all levels, including someone just started in poker. Concepts are woven together and developed from the ground up, while at the same time, you re shown when to forego higher level ideas in favor of simpler and more profitable alternatives.