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Playtech Slots: Top 26 Slot Machine Games by Playtech to Play in 2019

Playtech Slots

  • Playtech is one of the leading Slot developers since 1999
  • There are plenty of jackpot Slots, branded games, and other Casino Slots in Playtech's collection
  • The best Playtech Slots are reviewed in this article

Playtech Slots have become the staple of online gambling.

All Playtech Slots games are innovative, fun and rewarding. Players from all over the world are constantly looking for new games to lay their hands on.

And it's not surprising.

Playtech Slots offer nothing but great graphics, an intriguing story, and a fine payout system.

But do you know what are the best Playtech Slot games to play in 2019?

To make things easier, we’ve analyzed all Playtech games and come up with the best 26 Playtech Slot machines available right now.

Best Playtech Slots of All Time

 Desert TreasureCineramaThe MatrixGreen LanternTop Gun
Editor’s Rating:9/109.5/109.5/109/108/10
Min/Max Bets:0.01/50.25/2.50.5/1000.4/20000.25/125
Real Money Play:Play herePlay herePlay herePlay herePlay here

Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure slot by playtech

Let's play!

Not many Slot games survive the test of time. But Desert Treasure proudly did.

Released in 2005, but just as popular nowadays, it’s a five-reel Slot machine inspired by all things desert.

For an old Slot, it also doesn’t lack special features. You’ll have golden snakes as wild symbols, a desert lady as scatter, and map+compass as a bonus symbol that triggers the bonus round.

Desert Treasure has simple graphics and classic Slot sounds - nothing more, nothing less.

It offers a refreshing getaway from features and animations-packed modern Video Slots. And it is still one of the most paying Playtech Slots up to date (RTP = 97.1 percent).


cinerama slot by playtech

Let's play!

Cinerama is another Playtech Slot that pays pretty well.

Inspired by Hollywood movies and filmmaking, it features directors and artefacts behind the scenes of any movie out there.

Cinerama also has not one but two bonus rounds which you trigger when you land either a headphone or three directors symbols on your reels.

Meanwhile, every spin on this Slot adds up to a progressive jackpot balance that’s also up for grabs.

The Matrix

playtech slot the matrix

Let's play!

You don't live in the Matrix in real life (or do you?) but you can test how it feels by playing The Matrix Slot by Playtech.

It’s one of the best branded Slots out there. Not only it uses the logo or characters from the movie, but it also makes the whole Slot scream Matrix. Be it free games, symbols, graphics or sounds.

You’d think the Slot created by the filmmakers themselves.

The Matrix Slot has 50 paylines and two types of wild symbols. Three Free Games symbols (blue and red pills) trigger Free Games feature which has two modes:

  • eight free games wit more Agent Smith symbols,
  • unlimited free games with sentinel wilds.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern playtech slots

Let's play!

Green Lantern will not only help you save the world from evil but can also earn you some good money.

There are three ways in which you can play this Slot, as in, three different missions for you to partake in defeating the forces of the dark.

Regardless of which one you choose, you'll surely never feel like you're doing the same thing over and over, which gives the game its uniqueness.

The Scatters in Green Lantern's pay 10 Free Spins if you land on them on the odd-numbered reels.

Top Gun

Top Gun playtech slots

Let's play!

It would be wrong not to include in the top one of the most famous classics of all time!

Top Gun needs no introduction, and the fact that Playtech software could model it into a video Slot stands as proof as to how much this movie meant to generations of people all over the world.

Top Gun comes with the industry-leading "All Ways" technology. This means that there are 243 ways in which players can win on every single spin.

Look for the Goose, the Iceman and, of course, Charlie, the main character from the movies, for the very biggest of winnings.

 NostradamusAmerican DadBuffalo BlitzMan of SteelBig Bad Wolf
Editor’s Rating:8/108/108.5/108.5/109/10
Min/Max Bets:0.25/1250.40/2000.01/50.5/25000.25/125
Real Money Play:Play herePlay herePlay herePlay herePlay here


Nostradamus playtech slots

Let's play!

If there's one awesome theme that Slots games developers could've ever picked for their creations, that might be Nostradamus and his story.

This character has mesmerized the minds of generations with his so-called ability to see into the future. That can prove to be a very useful tool especially when you're playing a Slot machine.

When you land on the Nostradamus Prediction, the scroll will roll down before your eyes and will reveal one of three possible outcomes, a random multiplier, a special symbol modifier or a direct win.

American Dad

American Dad playtech slots

Let's play!

Being at the top of the charts, right there with shows like Family Guy or South Park, American Dad has created a franchise of its own in American television.

Having a growing success amongst fans the world over, this animated series has now been turned into a Slots game.

The best part of this Playtech Slot is that it has a low-variance and also a 96.10 percent return to the player rate, which makes it a most-wanted game with younger players.

There are a lot of challenges, respins, bonus features and other special features that will transform the simple gaming experience into a down-right challenge, but it's totally worth it in the end.

Buffalo Blitz

Buffalo Blitz playtech slots

Let's play!

There's no animal more majestic and powerful than the mighty buffalo!

This is not only true in the American folklore but also makes for a great Slot theme.

This creation of Playtech software features an almost unique six reels instead of five, making for 4,096 possible winning combinations.

The Wild multipliers can award you up to 100 Free Spins if you land on six of them at one time.

Although the winnings might seem like a tad too small at first, keep in mind that the design of the game allows for smaller, but most frequent wins.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel playtech slots

Let's play!

Slots take all shapes and sizes, and this Playtech Slot game is the ultimate example of that.

Based on the famous story of Superman, Man of Steel is the ultimate superhero-themed slot.

You get the perfect colors, the crystal-clear graphics, and the sounds that will simply make you feel like you're in the movies.

Man of Steel features an incredible 50 pay lines in the free spins round, which increases your chances dramatically when you land on the right symbols and open the Bonus Round. The game is ideal for high rollers with its huge top stake limit.

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf playtech slots

Let's play!

Here's one Slot younger and older people alike will find common.

Inspired by the Tree Pigs Tale, Big Bad Wolf is the ultimate Playtech free Slot if you just want to have some fun but also win some pretty good money.

The thing that makes this Slot pop out is graphic design. The reels are incorporated inside a straw house, while the background is filled with hills and fields.

They've really outdone themselves with the graphics for this Slot, and you can immediately tell the detail they've put into them.

Latest Playtech Slots: 2019 Edition

  • Best for players who are always eager to try out new Slot games.
  • Each Slot has a different theme, payout, minimum and maximum bets - choose the ones that suit your preferences.
 Bowling FrenzySky QueenAP McCoyPumpkin BonanzaTreasures of the Lamps
Editor’s Rating:9.5/108.5/108.5/108/109.5/10
Theme:BowlingAncient CivilizationsSportsHalloweenMagic
Min/Max Bets:0.1/5000.25/5000.25/12500.1/5000.2/200
Real Money Play:Play herePlay herePlay herePlay herePlay here

Bowling Frenzy

latest playtech slot bowling frenzy

Let's play!

Bowling Frenzy is the latest Slot game that joined Playtech collection.

It may be released in May 2019 but it will take you to the bowling alley from the 50s.

You’ll meet male and female characters dressed in all of the 50s glory and see how the legendary bowling game looked like back then.

When you land at least three scatters on your reels, you enter a bonus game.

You get to choose between three features:

  • up to 25 high wins free games - only high win symbols on the reels
  • up to 30 multiplier free games - free spins with multipliers
  • kingpin cash bonus - it’s bowling time!

If you choose bowling instead of the free spins, you get two bowls. First one can get you up to 100x multiplier (if you hit all 10 pins) while the second - up to 25x.

Sky Queen

playtech slot sky queen

Let's play!

Sky Queen Slot was inspired by a quite different era - ancient civilizations.

This five-reel 50-payline Slot features Mayan and Aztec symbols, has high payouts (96.5 percent), and offers you a chance to win a jackpot or two (or three).

Above it all there is a Respin feature and you can trigger eight free spins.

When you enter Fire Blaze Respin round, each sun symbol landing on your reels will hide a cash prize that you can claim or a bonus symbol that can trigger the jackpots.

AP McCoy: Sporting Legends

ap mccoy slot by playtech

Let's play!

AP McCoy is the latest Slot game in Playtech’s Sporting Legends series.

Just like previous Slots there, it depicts sports stars. This time it’s the horse racing legend Tony McCoy, also known as AP McCoy.

The Slot has 243 paylines and is connected to Sporting Legends jackpots. One of them pops every day, another one - every week.

You can also trigger free spins with up to 7x multiplier and open bonus wheel for more prizes.

Pumpkin Bonanza

pumpkin bonanza slot by playtech

Let's play!

It may not be Halloween but Pumpkin Bonanza is a fun Slot to play any time of the year.

The Slot has impressive graphics, spooky tunes, and horror movie-worthy symbols.

It doesn’t have many special features and has only 10 paylines. But the lowest paying symbols can morph into pumpkins when you need help to win.

Sometimes pumpkins can occupy up to three reels and you get a Bonanza spin with all the pumpkins acting as wild symbols.

Treasures of the Lamps

treasures of the lamps slot game by playtech software

Let's play!

Admit it. If you found a magical lamp, you’d wish to win a jackpot, wouldn’t you?

I know I would.

But before you find such a lamp, you have more chances to win some money on Treasures of the Lamps Slot.

Inspired by genies and Aladdin stories, it bursts with Middle East symbols.

The most paying symbols are three genies in the seductive getup. Each of them grants a special feature on any of your spins:

  • spreading wilds on adjacent positions,
  • respins until you win,
  • extra wilds in any location.

You can also trigger Stargazer Bonus and Free Games feature with scatter symbols.

It opens up to 30 free games with up to 5x multiplier. Your generous genies appear during free games, too.

Age of the Gods Slots

  • Best for Ancient Greece and mythology fans, Jackpot Slots players.
  • Each Slot depicts different gods, goddesses, and heroes; RTPs are similar, biggest differences can be seen in the bet amount range.
 Age of the GodsFate SistersFurious 4Goddess of WisdomKing of OlympusPrince of Olympus
Editor’s Rating:8/107.5/108.5/108.5/108.5/108.5/10
Theme:Ancient GreeceAncient GreeceAncient GreeceAncient GreeceAncient GreeceAncient Greece
Min/Max Bets:0.2/400.01/250.01/1000.01/200.01/100.01/250
Real Money Play:Play herePlay herePlay herePlay herePlay herePlay here

Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods playtech slots

Let's play!

You know that there are almost no other gaming themes that are more powerful than mythology is.

Greek mythology is the star of this Playtech free Slot game. With five reels and 20 pay lines, Age of the Gods is a legendary game that offers an array of sequels not to be missed.

Still, if you're just starting out, definitely go for the original and explore your way through the mysteries of the Ancient Greeks. Land on Hercules or Hades and see the credits go wild on this sublime piece of gaming.

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters

Let's play!

The Egyptian theme is one of the most famous in the gaming industry (look at these Cleopatra slots, for example), but the Playtech free Slots game series dedicated to Ancient Greece is spectacular.

The second title of the series is Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters and the result from the work game developers have put into it is staggering.

The story of the game is inspired by the Greek Moirai, or "fates". Legend says there were three sisters, Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis, which were responsible for controlling the length of the life threads.

If you think that's not a good theme for Slots, just give it a try.

Age of the Gods: Furious 4

Age of the Gods: Furious 4

Let's play!

Get ready for some amazing wins with this mythological Slot machine by Playtech software.

Also featuring five reels and no less than 20 possible pay lines, this Slot is offering great bonuses with special symbols like Apollo, Hephaestus, Pandora, or Atlas.

Not only that, but you have four progressive jackpots, hence the name of the game.

Whether you meet Atlas, the Titan god, Pandora, the first mortal ever created by gods, Hephaestus, or Apollo, the god of music, the rewards will surely be legendary.

Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom

Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom playtech slots

Let's play!

If you've ever been even slightly interested in Greek Mythology, chances are you heard about Athena.

The goddess of wisdom, Athena played an important role in Ancient Greece, and so does she in this new Playtech Slot machine.

The interesting thing about Athena was she was always the calm and calculated god, not like some of her buddies on Mount Olympus.

She never intervened or fought if there wasn't a good reason for it, and the guys at Playtech did a great job incorporating this feature into the gameplay.

When Athena shows up on the reels, she's there to help you win. You'll see.

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus playtech slots

Let's play!

Of course, no Ancient Greek games series would be complete without a part dedicated to the god of the gods himself.

The power of Zeus the Olympian is unmeasured, and you'll get to taste a little bit of the action through this new Slot game from Playtech software.

This really is a game fit for a king, as there is a standard 300,000 jackpot, as well as the normal Age of the Gods progressive jackpots and, moreover, there are 25 pay lines you can bet on.

The artwork of the game is stunning, but the winnings are even more impressive.

Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus

Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus playtech slots

Let's play!

Our final recommendation from the Age of the Gods series is the game dedicated to Hercules himself, also known as the Prince of Olympus.

This five-reel, 25-payline game comes with well-paying expanding wilds, a ton of free spins that can triple your winnings, and also a special bonus games that will have you battle with sea monsters.

Regardless if you're a fan of Ancient Greece or not, this action-packed Slot will surely convert you into a mythology lover from which there's no going back.

Honorable Mentions: Other Great Playtech Slots

 Great BlueLegacy of the WildHeart of the JungleWild WishesTiki Paradise
Editor’s Rating:8/108.5/108/108.5/107.5/10
Min/Max Bets:0.01/2.50.4/1200.5/500.15/450.2/1000
Real Money Play:Play herePlay herePlay herePlay herePlay here

Great Blue

Great Blue playtech slots

Let's play!

Here's another Playtech masterpiece for the underwater world fans.

Great Blue features five reels on three rows, boasting a total of 25 pay lines that will surely return cash to their avid players.

The Wild of this Slot is the Killer Whale, and the Scatter Symbols are represented by the Oyster shell, which can also come in stacks, adding value to your overall win.

Land on three or more of them and you'll immediately get to the Great Blue bonus round. Here, everything gets multiplied by two, with a maximum of 33 free spins.

Legacy of the Wild

Legacy of the Wild playtech slots

Let's play!

Enter a mysterious, charming wizarding game that you can sense with all of your senses.

The guys at Playtech really went out of their ways to create one of the most stunning Slots in the world.

Just play a few spins and you'll see why we're recommending this game as one of the top 26 games of this year.

The game is not just a Slot, but a whole magical world to be explored and discovered, filled with goblins, ghouls and other monsters. Look after the Book of Wilds and The Wave-O-Meter for "magical" winnings.

Heart of the Jungle

Heart of the Jungle playtech slots

Let's play!

50 pay lines. Do you need any more information?

All right, then let us tell you that this particular Playtech Slot machine has one of the few real 3D feels in the industry.

The sounds, the graphics, the symbols, they'll simply make you feel like you're into the Amazonian jungle, cutting through the thick ivy in order to make your way towards the next big win.

A hit with players the world over, you can activate the Turbo Mode, which is even faster than the automated spins mode. Now that's how you should move through a dangerous forest!

Wild Wishes

Wild Wishes playtech slots

Let's play!

There are many Disney stories out there, but probably one of the most famous is the one about Aladdin.

If you want to explore the magical world of the 1001 Arabian Nights tales, try your luck with Wild Wishes and maybe the genie will grant your most burning wish.

Besides the Prince, Princess, and Villain symbols, the most important of the game is the Genie and the Lamp symbols. The first is the Wilds of the game, while the second is triggering free re-spins as you play.

Magical winnings, indeed!

Tiki Paradise

Tiki Paradise playtech slots

Let's play!

Who doesn't dream about laying on a beautiful beach while sipping from a coconut and sunbathing?

Most of us do, but in order to afford such a vacation, you might want to try your luck with this Playtech Slot specifically designed for beach lovers.

Tiki Paradise is just that, a virtual heaven filled with playing cards symbols as Wilds and a Wild Nights feature that will pop up from time to time.

The feature allows you to one reel at random, which if it happens to have a Wild on it, will win you a Win Shuffle.

The Shuffle will reconfigure the reels, allowing for a better combination of symbols in the end.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.
  • Looking for new Slots to play? Check out this super-simple list of all the best Playtech Slots to play in 2019!

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