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Social Casinos: 2020 Guide to Social Slots and Casino Sites

Social Casinos

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about social casino games and other online social games for adults you can play online in 2020.

And all of their cool features.

And also the top social Casino apps you can download for free to your smartphone, tablet, or whatever is that you use to connect with the rest of the world.

Also, we will present you with some new social casino games you have probably never heard of before.

There is a lot of good stuff going on here, so let’s get started.

Top Social Casino Games in 2020

Here’s the full list of the best social casino games you can play in 2020 with direct links to the signup/download pages.

To play social casino games, just click on any of the links in the table below, open a social casino gaming account, and start with the welcome bonus that is given on this page.

Otherwise, keep reading. Because we are going to share some pretty cool facts about social casinos that we are sure you did not expect to learn today.

Social CasinoBonusUS Players 
Scatter Slots Vegas12m Free CoinsAcceptedPLAY HERE!
Casino World100,000 Free CoinsAcceptedPLAY HERE!
Slotomania20,000 Free CoinsAcceptedGO PLAY!
Caesar's Social Casino40,000 Free CoinsAcceptedGO PLAY!
House of Fun1,000 Free CoinsAcceptedGO PLAY!
Billionaire Casino10m Free CoinsAcceptedGO PLAY!
Huuuge Casino10m Free CoinsAcceptedGO PLAY!
Viva Slots20,000 Free CoinsAcceptedGO PLAY!

Social Casinos and Social Gambling

Although social gaming sites have been around for nearly a decade already, most players know very little about them.

The "social" part of the name has a lot to do with the games being closely liked with social media as well as their inherent social aspect - most try to bring players together and let them interact.

The social casinos you can play at in 2020 are light years ahead of the ones you might have tried in the past and in many aspects are even better than real money online casino sites.

The thing is that (semi) revolutionary social gaming apps such as Zynga Poker have now been replaced with massive gaming hubs that have everything to compete with the more established new casinos.

From the quality of the games to the number of social slots on offer, 2020 social casinos are true gems that deserve to be discovered.


Because social casinos give you the opportunity to play social slots online, enjoy the games of roulette and blackjack, and even kill some time on scratch cards online - all for free.

You just need to open Facebook or tap on the app on your phone to enter a whole new dimension of gambling where all the best games in the world are finally available for free.

And it’s about time you learn more about this.

In this guide to social gambling, we want to let you in on all the best social casinos and social slots games to help you understand how fun these games are; also, which free social casino apps you need to download to your smartphone in 2020.

Scatter Slots

Scatter Slots Vegas Social Casino App

Developed by Murka Games Limited, which has been leading the social gaming world ever since 2011, Scatter Slots is one of the social casinos that will leave you at awe. Truly.

On top of over 100 exciting and unique slots, it can also be proud of a compelling story line, tournament mode, a status system that rewards loyal players and a soundtrack that is truly exceptional (we mean Beethoven-like exceptional).

Just basically everything you need for a perfect social online gambling experience, plus some extras.

After all, over 20 million players and over a million downloads on Google Play do say something.

What We like Most About it: All the Missions

Scatter Slots Mission is the best feature

With over 2000 levels to complete, all the missions will serve well in keeping you excited about slots.

There are no shortcuts, just a lot of games and activities to help you get to the next level.

Some of the missions you'll find on Scatter Slots: win on free spins, win in a row, win coins and dozens of others. Once you complete the requirements, you unlock new slots and new levels!

Can US Players Play at Scatter Slots Vegas?

Absolutely. Players from the United States very welcome at Scatter Slots Vegas.

What's the Welcome Bonus?

The most generous one - that's a fact. You start Scatter Slots Vegas with 12,000,000 coins, which will keep you going for a while.

Don't think it's enough? Don't be alarmed!

Scatter Slots has an insane number of ways to get free coins. For that, you might want to check out this article:

Scatter Slots Vegas: Free Download

Use these links to play Scatter Slots on your browser or download Scatter Slots app to your phone and play on the go with 12,000,000 free coins!

Casino World

Casino World Social Casino

Remember we mentioned in the beginning what we will present you with social casinos you've probably never heard before?

Casino World is one of them, and it will blow. your. mind.

It is by far the newest addition to the list as it was launched in 2019 by a social gaming world giant, FlowPlay Inc.

You get to play games like slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and many other games that are bound to strike your fancy. There is a lot more to it though.

Here, you get to be whatever you want.


Well, you choose an avatar, and you get to customize it later on using one of the in-game features, charms. Then you also get to build your own casino empire.

What We like Most About it: Casino Building Feature

Casino World Social Casino Games

This is one-of-a-kind feature that Casino World offers, and we love it.

Basically, you get to use the drag-and-drop function to build you own casino city with fancy bars and night clubs, luxurious hotels and inviting slots and bingo halls. You get to throw parties, invite other players, and in that way become the center of the entertainment!

Can US Players Play at Scatter Slots Vegas?

Yes! Players from the United States also get to build the casino of their dreams as well as enjoy all the free casino games!

What's the Welcome Bonus?

Casino World offers you a generous welcome, which is 100,000 free coins. On top all of the usual ways to get freebies after that, such as daily and hourly bonuses, the buildings of your casino city generate free coins as well.

The bigger city, the bigger the kitty!

Casino World: Free Download

As of now, Casino World is only available for desktop. But that's where you'd want to play it anyways, since building an empire on your phone might not be a big enough experience, if you know what mean.

Use this link to begin playing Casino World and grab 100,000 free coins for your social gambling journey!


Slotomania Social Casino

If you are looking for a casino site to play social slots, Slotomania is another app you need to download.

It’s free, it’s packed with games, and it's supported by a massive community on social media.

To give you an idea of what a massive hit Slotomania is, their social slot games attract 5.4 million users every month - and this number alone is a sign of the quality of their games.

You can play at Slotomania via Facebook and through their mobile app. Either way, you get full access to all their games.

What We Like Most About It: The Tournaments

Slotomania Social Gambling Casino App

As fans of online slot tournaments, we love the fact that we get plenty of action on Slotomania.

Every time you log back into the app, there’s something going on - and when you have so many players to have fun with, everything gets just insanely good.

What We Don’t Like: Rude Complaints

As a proud members of Slotomania’s Facebook page, we've noticed that lots of players tend to get really violent (verbally) when they don’t get as lucky as they would like to.

Although this is not Slotomania’s fault, we would like their community managers to spend a little more time moderating the social media pages to make sure that those who use the app to play social slots don’t get annoyed by such rudeness.

Can US Players Play at Slotomania?

Yes. Slotomania is 100% legal in the United States.

What’s the Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus for those who open an new account at Slotomania is of 20,000 free coins with no deposit needed - better than any online casinos where you'll have to make a real money deposit to play.

Also, there are more ways to get extra free coins to play at Slotomania. If you are interested in a free refill, you might want to check out these articles:

Slotomania Social Slots: Free Download

Use the links below to download the Slotomania social slots app and discover some of the best social casino games on the internet with the 20,000 no deposit free coins bonus.

Caesar’s Social Casino

Caesars Slots Social Casino App

Playtika’s aggressive plan to dominate the industry of social games for adults convinced them to purchase this social Casino app back in 2016.

Since then, Caesar's Social Casino grew so much in popularity that it became one of the most commonly downloaded social Casino apps on the App Store.

Don’t think it’s all because of the marketing and good press. Caesar's Social Casino is a fun option to add some exciting games to your collection and play them on your smartphone.

What We Like Most About It: The Slots

best social Casino games Caesars Casino

Some of the slots available at Caesar’s Social Casino are truly amazing.

If you are familiar with such games like the Buffalo Slots and many others that are a part of the Aristocrat Slots family, you will love the quality, the graphics, and the impressive gameplay of some of the social slot machine games available at Caesar’s.

Can US Players Play at Caesar’s Social Casino?

Yes. Like all the other games on this page, Caesar’s Social Casino is 100% legal in the United States.

What’s the Welcome Bonus?

At Caesar’s Social Casino, you get a 40,000 free coins bonus on signup and with no deposit required.

As usual, that’s only the beginning - since there are a lot of ways to collect millions (yes, literally millions) of free credits every day, especially if you learn to use their hourly bonus right.

If you decide to give this social online gambling operator a shot, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms to secure all their daily offers.

Caesars Slots: Free Download

Caesar’s Social Casino is available for free download and on Facebook. You can use the links below to play from your browser or download the free Casino app to your smartphone or tablet.

House of Fun

House of Fun Social Casino

This is another great social slots app you can play in 2020.

House of Fun is another social gaming app created by Playtika, the giant behind Slotomania, and that is a testament to the quality of their app and games.

So, if you are one of those who turn to Google to learn if House of Fun Slots is legit, this should be the answer you have been looking for.

At House of Fun, you find 180+ social slots that keep an impressive players' base of nearly 20 million people busy.

Overall, House of Fun is one of the best apps you can download to play Vegas-like games, especially as they seem to add new games every week.

What we Like Most About It: The New Games

Play Social Skill Games for Adults at House of Fun

As we said, they add new games every week - and that’s a major plus for us.

The key to playing social slots is to be able to get something new as often as possible, and the way they make sure it happens every week is just perfect.

In case you missed it, here’s an article written in June 2018 about the best games to play at House of Fun.

Can US Players Play at House of Fun

Yes, the House of Fun social Slots app is 100% legal in the United States. The UIGEA does not ban this gaming app.

What’s the Welcome Bonus?

At House of Fun, all the new players receive 1,000 free coins to play a social slot 3 Tigers.

However, there’s a way to get 2x more.

These articles explain very well how you can double your welcome bonus and play social slots at House of Fun with 2,000 free coins.

House of Fun: Free Download

The House of Fun social casino slots app is available for free for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Use the links below to sign up for a free account and receive the welcome bonus.

Billionaire Casino

Billionaire Social Casino Slots

Coming from Huuuge Global, Billionaire Casino is another fun-packed social casino gaming product that we think should be included on this list.

With more than 100 social video Slots and over 15 different ways to accumulate free chips, Billionaire is an amazing social alternative to the traditional real money casino.

Billionaire Casino is not as popular and commonly played as Slotomania and House of Fun, but it beats both of them in not being only an app to play slots.

What We Like Most About It: You Can Play ALL Casino Games

Billionaire Casino Top Social Slots App

Billionaire, just like Casino World, does not feature only Slots.

And for all those in love with the thrill of casino table games, this is a true game-changer.

Here’s the full list of online social games for adults you can play at Billionaire Casino:

  • Modern Video Slots
  • Classic Slots
  • Online Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat

Can US Players Play at Billionaire Casino?

Yes, Billionaire Casino is 100% legal and UIGEA-compliant. US players are free to download the app and play all the games available on this social casino platform.

What’s the welcome Bonus?

As the name suggests, everything is super-sized at Billionaire Casino, so don’t be surprised that the welcome bonus is of no less than 10,000,000 free chips.

The bonus is yours right on signup, with no deposit needed.

Billionaire Social Casino: Free Download

Billionaire Casino is a free social gaming platform available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

Huuuge Casino

Huuuge Casino Social Gambling App

Huuuge Casino is another great site for social casino games where you get everything you need to play and enjoy some of the games for adults.

As the developers (Huuuge Global) point out, Huuuge Casino is a social gaming platform for adults which brings together the best things Vegas and Macau have to offer.

With leagues, clubs, tournaments, and huuuge jackpots (pardon me), this is one of the most vibrant and top-rated social casino sites in the world.

If you want to see an example of the games on tap, have a look at this article on the 10 Best Games at Huuuge Casino

What We Like Most About It: The Poker Games

social skill games online Huuuge Casino

With most (if not all) the games on this list focusing on slots and classic casino games, Huuuge Casino is one to stand out because of the quality of the online poker games they offer.

While it’s nowhere near the likes of PokerStars and 888Poker, the poker games at Huuuge Casino are fun and - most importantly - legal in the US.

If you are looking for a social app to play online poker, here you will find a lot of action-packed sit-and-go tournaments to play with a truly international player pool.

Can US Players Play at Huuuge Casino?

Yes. You can download the Huuuge Casino app to play online casino and online poker from the United States.

What’s the Welcome Bonus?

This casino welcomes you with a supersized no deposit bonus and countless ways to add even more free chips on a daily basis.

On signup, you receive a massive 10,000,000 welcome bonus to get started and to try out all the games on the platform.

Then, you can use the hourly bonuses to get regular refills and fund your games for free.

Also, I've found this article that presents some additional ways to play free games at Huuuge Casino.

  • Free Slots: Top Slots at Huuuge Casino (Ace of Brains)

Huuuge Casino: Free Download

The Huuuge Casino app is available for free download on Google Play and the AppStore.

Viva Slots

Viva Slots Social Casino App Top

The last game on this list is Viva Slots, another great option to play social Slot machine games online.

Viva Slots is the best social casino app to play Vegas-style games and with more than 100 different slots on tap, it’s also one of those where you just can’t get bored.

Really, you just can’t.

What We Like Most About It: The Classic Slots

online social games for adults

We haven’t found any other social gaming app with so many classic slots, so we feel we can go as far as to say that this is the best one of its kind.

They feature lots of one- and three-reel games that are perfect for those who are up for a bit of an old-style (and risk-free!) entertainment.

Can US Players Play at Viva Slots?

Yes. This social Casino app is 100% legal in the US and American players are welcome to sign up and play.

What’s the Welcome Bonus?

Right now, new players get 20,000 no deposit free coins on signup and a virtually unlimited refill of additional bonus coins through the multiple promos they run on a daily basis.

Viva Slots: Free Download

You can play the games on Viva Slots for free on Facebook, or you can download a free iPhone or Android app to enjoy the games on-the-go.

Social Casinos FAQ

Are there any social casino apps that pay real money?

Unfortunately, no. Like many games, social casinos will allow you to make in-app purchases, but you cannot withdraw your winnings.

What are social casinos?

These are apps or platforms designed to enjoy slots and other casino games without having to part with your money!

Can you win real money on Big Fish casino?

No. Big Fish Casino is another social gaming app so it does not allow to real money withdrawals.

Does MyVegas slots pay real money?

No. MyVegas slots, as a social casino, does not allow players to withdraw real money prizes.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.
  • The AIO guide to social gaming is out! Check out the top free apps to download right now!

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