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Bet365 Casino Slots

Whether you're a new player or an avid slot spinner on bet365 Casino, you may wonder which slots you should be playing. In this article, we are going to outline precisely that.

As you continue to read, you'll find the answers to the best new slots on bet365 and whether potential jackpots accompany the slot in question.

Who are Relax Gaming?

Relax Gaming is a supplier of unique content that has successfully integrated its extensive portfolio of games into bet365.

Adding a vast array of popular titles to the bet365 catalogue, some great slot games are now available, including Money Train 3, Iron Bank, and Temple Run.

However, to make it even more interesting, in addition to the popular range of in-house games, a vast library of third-party content is available. This provides a richer content portfolio for the customers of bet365!

Read on to find out which new bet365 slots are PokerNews favorites for 2023:

#5 Warriors Valour

As you start to Spin on the slot of the Warriors Valor, you need to ensure that you're up for the battle ahead of you! Randomly on any spin, you may have the chance to receive an epic symbol. For each win, there are multipliers shown on the sword..

One of the best features in the bet365 Warriors Valour slot, is the multiplier, giving you the chance to win up to 15 times your total bet!

The Warrior Spirit Spin feature can be randomly triggered in the main game. As the male character appears and hits the sword, this introduces a winning multiplier. However, if there isn't a win, the global winning multipliers increase on every respin until there is a win.

Minimum Bet£0.20
Maximum Bet£40
Payback %96.16%

Does Warriors Valour Have a Bonus?

Yes, throughout many different games and features in the Warriors Valour slot, there are many other bonuses and bonus symbols that you can win. Some of these symbols will bring prizes and multipliers.

Does Warriors Valour Have a Jackpot?

Yes! While you're playing Warriors Valor, a community jackpot climbs to £100,000 based on each £10 staked into the game; this awards an entry into the jackpot!

Warriors Valour Slot bet365

#4 Tapestry Tumble

Giving you a massive 3,125 different ways to win, the Tapestry Tumble slot includes the win cascades feature – this is just one of the many great elements in this slot.

In the win cascade feature, the wins are removed by leaving gaps that can be filled first by the modifier reel. Additional standard symbols follow this until all gaps in the slot are filled and no more wins occur.

In addition to the features you can utilize, you need to keep an eye out for a range of modifiers! As you enter this reel across the drawbridge, there are various ways to multiply your bet and winnings. Here are some of the modifiers you can look out for:

  • Boat: The boat modifier replaces the symbols to the right leaving Wave Wild Symbols in their place. The wave wild symbol gives a multiplier on your bet depending on what you spin.
  • Horse: The horse modifier adds a global modifier toe all following respins in that round. The multiplier ranges from 2 times to 15 times your total bet.
  • Crown: The crown modifier adds crows to 3 random standard symbols which makes them Wild.
  • Archer: The archer modifier shoots arrows and adds additional Wild symbols to the grid.
  • Instant Prize: Just as the name suggests, the instant prize modifier is a special symbol which is present on the bonus reel during Free Spins only. The modifier for the for the Instant Prize ranges from 3 times to 1066 times your total bet.
Minimum Bet£0.50
Maximum Bet£100
Payback %95.52%

Does Tapestry Tumble Have a Bonus?

Yes! Throughout the Tapestry Tumble slot, there is a range of modifiers and bonuses that you can win – this depends on the symbols you hit as you spin.

Does Tapestry Tumble Have a Jackpot?

No, the Tapestry Tumble slot doesn't have a jackpot. However, as you continue to explore this slot, you can take advantage of winning up to 2,000 times the base bet.

Tapestry Tumble bet365 Casino

#3 8 Immortals Instant Win

The 8 Immortals slot includes a multi-tiered, progressive jackpot that continuously increases how much you can win – this doesn't even include the Instant Prizes you can win!

While spinning on the 8 Immortals Instant Win slot, you can win the additional cash prize once you collect the Instant Prize symbol. The cash prize can be won once, 10 times, or 100 times your total bet.

As you discover the 8 Immortals and go along the quest for eternal life, you'll also experience the Dragon Shield Bonus. This bonus triggers a bonus game that you can collect from the grid position determined by the spinner in this slot.

Minimum Bet£0.20
Maximum Bet£100
Payback %95.50%

Does 8 Immortals Instant Win Have a Bonus?

Yes, the 8 Immortals Instant Win slot has a bonus. The main bonus is the Dragon Shield Bonus. This bonus triggers an addition game that is connected to the grid position determined by the spinner.

Once the bonus icon symbol is collected, you can select one random Immortals icon, which will be doubled on the grid.

Does 8 Immortals Instant Win Have a Jackpot?

Yes! In addition to the bonuses, there is also a jackpot in this slot. The 8 Immortals Jackpot is a multi-tiered, progressive jackpot. The jackpot tiers are triggered at random throughout the main game and can be won during the jackpot game.

8 Immortals Slot bet365 Casino

#2 Gem Revolver

As you see the Gem Revolver slot start to fill with an assortment of gems and start to spin, you'll be able to take advantage of the different features this excellent slot includes. One of these features is Instant Wins.

At any point throughout this slot, whether it is the main game or in Free Spins, this feature can be triggered. Between 1 and 3 instant win items may appear on the grid during this feature. Additionally, between one and 200, the instant prizes are assigned to each instant win coin.

Exploring this slot of gems will show you more of the multipliers and features. You can win many items during these features, including free spins and instant prizes, as well as triggering the multipliers.

Minimum Bet£0.20
Maximum Bet£100
Payback %95.56%

Does Gem Revolver Have a Bonus?

No, there isn't a jackpot in this slot. However, there is a range of many multipliers and instant prizes.

Does Gem Revolver Have a Jackpot?

Yes, similar to the other slots on this slot, Gem Revolver includes the bet365 Dual Drop. This includes the community jackpot, allowing you to win up to £100,000. In addition to the community jackpot, each £100 staked in the game awards an entry into the weekly jackpot.

Gem Revolver bet365 Casino

#1 King Blitz

Featuring 4096 different ways to win, the King Blitz slot delves deeper into the jungle as you continue to explore; next to each wild animal, you may spot other symbols which give you additional prizes.

Whether it is free games or a symbol to get you closer to winning the jackpot, they are all available to win when playing at King Blitz. The jackpot is split across 4 different tiers. These tiers are mini, minor, major, and Blitz – as you continue to spin, these tiered prizes will continue to grow!

Minimum Bet£0.20
Maximum Bet£30
Payback %96.54%

Does King Blitz Have a Bonus?

Yes! The King Blitz slot has a bonus. As you land on the different colored symbols, they represent a different times multiplier which you can.

If you land on them, you will be a step closer to filling the collection area. Once you’ve filled the collection area, you’ll win even more free games.

Does King Blitz Have a Jackpot?

Yes, King Blitz has a mysterious progressive jackpot. As you click on the diamonds which appear throughout the grid, they will reveal jackpot symbols. You need to match 3 identical jackpot symbols to win the chosen jackpot!

King Blitz Slot bet365 Casino

How to Play New Slots at bet365

Now that you understand the best new slots on bet365 Casino, you need to know how to sign up and start spinning. This is especially crucial for the slots with additional bonuses (and jackpots!).

Here are 4 steps to start playing these exciting slots at bet365 Casino today:

  • Log on bet365 Casino, and take a look at the wide range of slots available. Ranging from recommended slots to jackpot games, they'll have what you're looking for.
  • Once you've chosen one of the slots you want to play, you can click to play. Remember to check out the ones we've recommended as they have the most jackpots!
  • If you're not signed up yet, this is your chance to get involved. Simply sign-up for a bet365 account and deposit money to start spinning.
  • However, if you’ve got a bet365 Casino account, and deposited money, you can start playing straight away!

Slots at bet365 Casino FAQs

What is Relax Gaming?

Relax Gaming is an iGaming aggregator and supplier of content. Relax Gaming has recently integrated its portfolio of games into bet365.

What is bet365 Casino?

bet365 is the world's largest online sports better company with an annual sportsbook. bet365 also consists of many Gaming, casino, and poker options that you can choose from.

How many slots can you play at bet365 Casino?

You can play hundreds of slots through the casino and games sections of bet365. These slots include bonuses and jackpots, which you can play to win.

Can you play casino games at bet365 Casino?

Yes! Across many themes and genres, there are many games that you can play at bet365 Casino.

Disclaimer: any promotions presented on this page were correct and available at the time of writing. Promotions can change regularly. We encourage all users to check the promotion displayed matches the most current promotion available by clicking through to the operator welcome page. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you accept any promotional welcome offer.

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