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Gareth Chantler

Gareth Chantler

Gareth Chantler is a professional poker player, independent writer, and journalist. Visit his site Stories from Syria.

Gareth Chantler Articles

2019 May
Short Deck Hold'em: Redefining the Nuts
Targeting Your Opponents' Possible Hands When Bluffing
What Not to Do Online: Make a Blocking Bet Without a Plan
Bluffing When an Opponent's Range is Weak
Hand Analysis: When the Risk Ain't Worth the Reward
What Not to Do Online: Bluffing Into Strength
Beware of Trying to Maximize Value With Strong Hands That Aren't the Nuts
The Dangers of Trying to 'Protect' Your Hand
Counting the Combos: An Exercise in Range Narrowing
Avoid Playing Weak Flush Draws Too Aggressively in Multi-Way Pots
2018 December
Breaking Down a 'Suicide' Bluff
After Bluff Catching on the Turn, Fold to River Bets if Unimproved
Recognizing When Your Opponent Should Have It
Hand Analysis: When One Bluff Leads to Another
When Facing River Shoves, Check Your Hand for Blockers to Possible Bluffs
What Not to Do Online: Value Betting Against Chops
The Entitlement Error: Don't Mistakenly Think You 'Deserve' a Pot
Learn to Notice When Your Hand Blocks Bluffs, Too
How to Respond to the Big Out-of-Nowhere River Overbet
When Not to Slow Play: Don't Take Trapping Too Far
What Not to Do Online: Don't Just Stop Thinking and Shove
The Nuts That Weren't; or, I'd Rather Be Good Than Lucky
Deciding What Hand Is the Best Bluff Catcher
What Not to Do Online: Don't Wait for Value to Come to You
Why Not Shove? Going All in When Acting First to Negate Positional Disadvantage
Hand Analysis: It's Not Always Enough to Flop the Nuts
Knowing the Bottom of Your Range When Deciding Whether or Not to Bluff
Hand Analysis: The Worst Imaginable Bluff
Bluffing With the Bottom of Your Range
Hand Analysis: A Single-Raised Pot Gets Weird
A Lesson in Hand Reading; or, But What Is Going to Call?
Just Because a Card Improves Your Hand Doesn't Mean You Should Stay
What Not to Do Online: Going Broke in a Limped Pot
How to React When Opponents Overbet the Turn
Hand Analysis: A Good and Ridiculous Bluff
Learning How to Become Unbluffable
Don't Stop Analyzing the Hand After Hitting Your 'Perfect' Card(s)
Mistakes On All Sides in a Hand of 100NL Zoom
Hand Analysis: A Thousand Ways to Get Lucky
What Not to Do: The Desperate, Out-of-Position Shove
'Equity' in Poker Is Not Just a State of Mind
Tournament Strategy: Defending a Short Stack
Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Preflop Mistake Rewarded
Raise-Folding for Value? Sometimes You Can
What Not to Do Online: Letting It All Hang Out When the Board Pairs
Taking Heat With Pocket Aces in a Hand of 100NL 6-Max Zoom
Hand Analysis: Don't Ignore the River
Learning How to Read Your Own Range; or, Think With Your Hands
2017 December
What Not to Do: Getting Priced In
Hand Analysis: You Can Fold a Full House
What Not to Do Online: Promote Your Blockers
Making the Last Bet: Finding Fold Equity with Ace-King
To Catch a Bluff: Looking Back at a Hand of 100NL
Hand Analysis: A Negative Freeroll in a Multi-Way Pot
What Not to Do Online: Losing Your Head
When Blockers Don't Count: Analyzing an Online Poker Disaster at 100NL
Big Mistakes When Playing Online Cash Deep-Stacked
Calling All the Way Down in a Hand of 100NL
Value Targeting Second-Best Hands When Playing 100NL Online Poker
Risk vs. Reward; or, Go Ahead, Let Them Draw Out On You
Bet Sizing When Targeting Second-Best Hands
'Groan Folding' in Live Poker
Narrowing Ranges on the River in 100NL Online
Don't Try to Bluff Catch a Range Without Bluffs
The Outs That Weren't There; or, How Not to Play a Drawing Hand Online
Tell Me a Story: One Way Not to Bluff Online
Hand Analysis: A Deep-Stacked Online Miscue at 100NL
What Not to Do Online: Relative vs. Absolute Hand Strength at 100NL
Prepare Yourself: Pre-Session Advice for Online Poker Players
Dealing With Uninvited Bluffs
2016 October
Learning to Think About Your Own Range of Hands, Part 2
Learning to Think About Your Own Range of Hands, Part 1
Let's Talk About Seven-Way Flops: Carnage and Regret
Let's Talk About Seven-Way Flops: Range Advantage and Multi-Way Action
Ignoring the Alarm: A Lesson to Listen When Warning Bells Ring
The Pain of a Poker Tournament Exit
Why So Much? An Exercise in Capping an Opponent’s Range
A Multi-Way Hand: Raise for Value or Call to Keep Players In?
2015 December
Using Your Own Hand Ranges to Guide Decisions Against Unknown Opponents
Obsessed With Your “All-in EV”? It’s a Negative Freeroll
You’re Chip Leader -- Now What? The Danger of Expectations in Tournaments
Uncharted Territory: Making the Worst of a Short Stack?
Uncharted Territory: Playing a Final Table Without Antes
Final Table Puzzles, Pt. 3: Pushing Pocket Tens, and Flopping a Flush
Final Table Puzzles, Pt. 2: After Flopping Two Pair, a Hand Takes a Tricky Turn
Final Table Puzzles, Pt. 1: Thinking in the Face of the Big Shove
Choosing Your Discards in No Limit Irish
Swirling Pressures: Final Table Decisions in The Bigger $162, Part 2
A New Game: Final Table Decisions in The Bigger $162, Part 1