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Gareth Chantler

Gareth Chantler

Gareth Chantler is a professional poker player, independent writer, and journalist. Visit his site Stories from Syria.

Gareth Chantler Articles

2020 July
What Not to Do Online: Relative vs. Absolute Hand Strength at 100NL
What NOT to Do Online: Promote Your Blockers
What NOT to Do Online: Losing Your Head
Just Because a Card Improves Your Hand Doesn't Mean You Should Stay
The Temptation to Play it Safe in Poker Tournaments
Responding to Unexpected Leading Bets Postflop
Postflop Strategy Against Players Who Continuation Bet Too Much
2019 December
Betting Small When Strong to Induce Crying Calls (or Check-Raises)
The Suspicious Check-Back: When They Don't Bet When They 'Should'
Observe Value Betting Patterns Early to Pick Off Bluffs Later
Next Stop, Value Town: Recognizing When You Must Have the Best Hand
Bluffing All-in Early in a Freezeout Tournament
Attacking Weak Ranges From the Big Blind
'Hand Reading' Versus 'Hand Guessing'
Checking Good Hands to Let Opponents Give Themselves Away
Value Betting a Set on a Tricky Board
Keeping a Bounty in Play in a Progressive Knockout Tournament
Playing Top Pair, Bad Kicker in a Multi-Way Pot
When Checking Back Goes Wrong
Resist Trying to Bluff the Under-Folding Over-Caller
Hand Analysis: When Bluffs Are in Short Supply
Getting Lost in Hold'em: The Danger of Underestimating an Opponent
When Less Than the Nuts Won't Do: Having a 'No-Calling Range'
How to Gather Reads When Playing Against Anonymous Opponents
Call or Fold? On the Relationship Between Blockers and Bluff Catchers
A Theory About 'Residual Value' in Poker
Short Deck Hold'em: Redefining the Nuts
Targeting Your Opponents' Possible Hands When Bluffing
What Not to Do Online: Make a Blocking Bet Without a Plan
Bluffing When an Opponent's Range is Weak
Hand Analysis: When the Risk Ain't Worth the Reward
What Not to Do Online: Bluffing Into Strength
Beware of Trying to Maximize Value With Strong Hands That Aren't the Nuts
The Dangers of Trying to 'Protect' Your Hand
Counting the Combos: An Exercise in Range Narrowing
Avoid Playing Weak Flush Draws Too Aggressively in Multi-Way Pots
2018 December
Breaking Down a 'Suicide' Bluff
After Bluff Catching on the Turn, Fold to River Bets if Unimproved
Recognizing When Your Opponent Should Have It
Hand Analysis: When One Bluff Leads to Another
When Facing River Shoves, Check Your Hand for Blockers to Possible Bluffs
What Not to Do Online: Value Betting Against Chops
The Entitlement Error: Don't Mistakenly Think You 'Deserve' a Pot
Learn to Notice When Your Hand Blocks Bluffs, Too
How to Respond to the Big Out-of-Nowhere River Overbet
When Not to Slow Play: Don't Take Trapping Too Far
What Not to Do Online: Don't Just Stop Thinking and Shove
The Nuts That Weren't; or, I'd Rather Be Good Than Lucky
Deciding What Hand Is the Best Bluff Catcher
What Not to Do Online: Don't Wait for Value to Come to You
Why Not Shove? Going All in When Acting First to Negate Positional Disadvantage
Hand Analysis: It's Not Always Enough to Flop the Nuts
Knowing the Bottom of Your Range When Deciding Whether or Not to Bluff
Hand Analysis: The Worst Imaginable Bluff
Bluffing With the Bottom of Your Range
Hand Analysis: A Single-Raised Pot Gets Weird
A Lesson in Hand Reading; or, But What Is Going to Call?
What Not to Do Online: Going Broke in a Limped Pot
How to React When Opponents Overbet the Turn
Hand Analysis: A Good and Ridiculous Bluff
Learning How to Become Unbluffable
Don't Stop Analyzing the Hand After Hitting Your 'Perfect' Card(s)
Mistakes On All Sides in a Hand of 100NL Zoom
Hand Analysis: A Thousand Ways to Get Lucky
What Not to Do: The Desperate, Out-of-Position Shove
'Equity' in Poker Is Not Just a State of Mind
Tournament Strategy: Defending a Short Stack
Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Preflop Mistake Rewarded
Raise-Folding for Value? Sometimes You Can
What Not to Do Online: Letting It All Hang Out When the Board Pairs
Taking Heat With Pocket Aces in a Hand of 100NL 6-Max Zoom
Hand Analysis: Don't Ignore the River
Learning How to Read Your Own Range; or, Think With Your Hands
2017 December
What Not to Do: Getting Priced In
Hand Analysis: You Can Fold a Full House
Making the Last Bet: Finding Fold Equity with Ace-King
To Catch a Bluff: Looking Back at a Hand of 100NL
Hand Analysis: A Negative Freeroll in a Multi-Way Pot
When Blockers Don't Count: Analyzing an Online Poker Disaster at 100NL
Big Mistakes When Playing Online Cash Deep-Stacked
Calling All the Way Down in a Hand of 100NL
Value Targeting Second-Best Hands When Playing 100NL Online Poker
Risk vs. Reward; or, Go Ahead, Let Them Draw Out On You
Bet Sizing When Targeting Second-Best Hands
'Groan Folding' in Live Poker
Narrowing Ranges on the River in 100NL Online
Don't Try to Bluff Catch a Range Without Bluffs
The Outs That Weren't There; or, How Not to Play a Drawing Hand Online
Tell Me a Story: One Way Not to Bluff Online
Hand Analysis: A Deep-Stacked Online Miscue at 100NL
Prepare Yourself: Pre-Session Advice for Online Poker Players
Dealing With Uninvited Bluffs
2016 October
Learning to Think About Your Own Range of Hands, Part 2
Learning to Think About Your Own Range of Hands, Part 1
Let's Talk About Seven-Way Flops: Carnage and Regret
Let's Talk About Seven-Way Flops: Range Advantage and Multi-Way Action
Ignoring the Alarm: A Lesson to Listen When Warning Bells Ring
The Pain of a Poker Tournament Exit
Why So Much? An Exercise in Capping an Opponent’s Range
A Multi-Way Hand: Raise for Value or Call to Keep Players In?
2015 December
Using Your Own Hand Ranges to Guide Decisions Against Unknown Opponents
Obsessed With Your “All-in EV”? It’s a Negative Freeroll
You’re Chip Leader -- Now What? The Danger of Expectations in Tournaments
Uncharted Territory: Making the Worst of a Short Stack?
Uncharted Territory: Playing a Final Table Without Antes
Final Table Puzzles, Pt. 3: Pushing Pocket Tens, and Flopping a Flush
Final Table Puzzles, Pt. 2: After Flopping Two Pair, a Hand Takes a Tricky Turn
Final Table Puzzles, Pt. 1: Thinking in the Face of the Big Shove
Choosing Your Discards in No Limit Irish
Swirling Pressures: Final Table Decisions in The Bigger $162, Part 2
A New Game: Final Table Decisions in The Bigger $162, Part 1