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New Invention Eases Problems For Poker Players

New Invention Eases Problems For Poker Players 0001

I know that I've seen it happen. In many home game tournaments, play will be continuing on for what seems like forever at a particular level and someone will spout, "Hey, when do the levels go up." The host, usually after having taken in a few cocktails, will glance at his watch and respond, "Oops, we should have gone up ten minutes ago!" While it isn't a serious error in a game, it can change the face of it, especially if it is later in the run of a home game and the level change could have a significant impact.

An online company has potentially come up with a cure for this problem through an innovative approach. Instead of depending on someone looking at a watch or checking their computer (some software programs have tournament clocks that can be set up for a home game), why not implant the tournament clock in something that is used in the game itself? On May 5th, 3zilla, LLC announced the introduction of the first of-its-kind Texas Hold 'Em patent pending original invention for the poker tournament arena, the ButtonTimer, an authentic casino dealer button with an integrated timer.

The ButtonTimer has the same look, feel, and size of dealer buttons used in casinos today with one significant difference: it has a built-in programmable timer which keeps track of the time and alerts the players during tournament play when time has elapsed. The invention combines two poker accessories into one to be used during poker tournament play. While it is most useful for home game players, it could potentially serve as an aid in major tournament poker as well.

One of the criticisms of many tournament players is the inability to see an accurate clock that reflects how much time is left for play at a designated level (this was a big issue for players at last year's World Series, in particular). The ButtonTimer would allow all players to have a clock on their tables and, as such, would know exactly the information they require. The ButtonTimer doesn't have any obstructions that prevent it from lying flat on the table, as the buttons to program it are set along the sides of the Dealer button, and appears to be fairly easy to program to the timing that is necessary.

The ButtonTimer comes in two colors, black and white, and can handle timing of levels up to 99 minutes. It will probably be most useful in home game and smaller tournament settings, but imagine if it could be used in major tournament poker? To learn more about the ButtonTimer, be sure to get further information on the innovative device at

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