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WSOP Updates: Daniel Negreanu Gets featured, and PokerNews Represents

WSOP Updates: Daniel Negreanu Gets featured, and PokerNews Represents 0001

Around the room during the first two hours....

Here are some updates from the first level today. Gareth Edwards, PokerNews Marketing Director, and member of Team PokerNews began the day with 75K and was a rock for the first two hours. His stack slipped slightly and then recovered and slipped slightly again and recovered again. He hit the first break today at 76K.

Unfortunately, Daniel Negreanu's table was selected as the feature table today, which means you will get to see three or four minutes of coverage in a few weeks but we are basically relegated to watching the action on a plasma TV screen with no announcer and camera angles that often don't let us know who is actually in the hand. Daniel began his Day Two with 85,800 and it appears at the first break he had moved up to approximately 99K. A nice cheering section is in the stands for Daniel comprised both of family and a generally Canadian contingent.

I watched Kathy Liebert make two huge lay downs during the first round today. If we believe the table talk both were tournament saving moves.

The TV moment of the day, which you may get to see, was an ESPN camera following Huck Seed as he walked out of the room after his tournament ended. Like so many players he had his cell phone out before he cleared the door and because spectators are not allowed in the room during the first level, it was a long, empty walk for Huck and the camera caught it all.

The tables in the room are slowly dwindling. A quarter of the room is already empty and the "packed Amazon room" is slowly beginning to resemble half empty shell. There are no cash games today and with no non-players allowed in, the satellite section, which was going to open, also remains empty.

What do you think?

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