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Delaware Trooper Arrested Following Poker Game Robbery

Delaware Trooper Arrested Following Poker Game Robbery 0001

A Delaware State Police trooper has been arrested following an armed robbery of a "high stakes" poker game at a Dover-area country club. Authorities arrested HyunJin Kim, 27, of Dover on Monday and charged him with 11 counts, including first-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, possession of a firearm during a felony, wearing a disguise during the commission of a felony, and offensive touching.

Kim was a participant in the poker game on Feb. 22 at the Wild Quail Golf and Country Club in Wyoming, southwest of Dover. Three armed robbers burst into the club, accosting Kim and and a dozen others. The three robbers relieved the victims of approximately $10,000, plus cel phones, credit cards and other items. Two of the victims received minor injuries after being assaulted during the robbery.

Kim's alleged involvement as a possible "inside" person in the robbery occurred when he was identified as being an earlier player in the game, and then was subsequently identified as being a purchaser at a nearby Camden, DE WalMart of red pillowcases that were used to conceal the robbers' identities during the holdup. Those pillowcases were purchased the same day as the robbery. A subsequent search of Kim's house and vehicle uncovered additional evidence linking him to the crime. The other robbers remain at large.

Kim is a two-year veteran of the Delaware State Police. He was immediately suspended and remains held in lieu of a $240,000 bond. According to a local TV report, Delaware State Police spokesman Col. Thomas MacLeish, quickly issued a statement about the incident. "Mr. Kim is not indicative of the caliber of troopers we have serving the citizens of this state," said MacLeish. "Mr. Kim is an aberration to the men and women of this division."

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