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UBOC5: Mackey Makes Second Final Table; Joe “ENDER555” Ebanks Takes Down Mini-UBOC Event #14

UBOC5: Mackey Makes Second Final Table; Joe “ENDER555” Ebanks Takes Down Mini-UBOC Event... 0001

UltimateBet and Absolute Poker, in conjunction with the CEREUS Network, are currently hosting the fifth installment of the Ultimate Bet Online Poker Championship Series. The UBOC5 is a series of twenty tournaments offering a combined $4 million in guaranteed prize money. Two tournaments that took place on Wednesday, Event #13 $500 + $30 Multi-Day 1 Deepstack no-limit hold'em and Event #14 $300 + $20 pot-limit Omaha 6-max 2x Second Chance, attracted both amateur and professional players from around the world. In addition, the Mini-UBOC, which runs simultaneously with the UBOC and offers the same tournament at one-tenth the price, served as an excellent option for those with a limited bankroll. The winner of each UBOC tournament not only received a nice payday, but a championship watch. In addition, anyone who eliminated a Team UB pro received $200 and a UBOC T-shirt.

The first event of the day was a no-limit hold’em deepstack tournament, that drew 544 players, including UB pros Gary “DEBO 34” Debernardi (508th), “Hollywood Dave” Stann (505th), Mark Seif (499th), Brandon Cantu (446th), Joe Sebok (444th), Adam “Roothlus” Levy (338th), Matt Graham (322nd) and Scott Ian (159th). PokerNews Strategy Instructor James “MIG_NET” Mackey, who finished fourth in Event #6, made his second final table of the UBOC5, ultimately finishing fifth. In the end, it was GENET1X defeating RAILBEGGER12 in heads-up action to take down the $66,640 first-place prize.

UBOC5 Event #13 (Multi-Day 1 Deepstack NLH)

Buy-in: $500 + $30

Guarantee: $200,000
Prize Pool: $205,600

Entrants: 544

1. GENET1X - $66,640
2. RAILBEGGER12 - $40,800
3. GRAHAMGREENE - $27,880

4. AAAAOWNS - $19,040

5. James “MIG_NET” Mackey - $15,640

6. THEDECANO - $12,920

7. Paj “BADCARDSAA” Vohra - $10,200

8. PBJAXXIN - $7,480
9. URINAL42 - $5,304

Notable Finishes: Randy “STR8ROSSIN” Booze (10th - $3,128), Keven “STAMDOGG3” Stammen (12th - $3,128), Steve “MCNALLYVILLE” McNaly (21st - $1,496), Bryan “ENTERTHEWU19” Piccioli (23rd - $1,496), Michael “INISSINT” Glasser (25th- $1,496), Chris “GETTINDAIZEY” Oliver (42nd - $1,088), Tim “TMAY420” West (44th - $1,088)

The Mini-UBOC Event #13, hosted by Eric “YELLOWDAWG” Cohen, had almost twice as many players as its UBOC counterpart. Scott Ian (852nd), Matt Graham (811th), Gary “DEBO 34” Debernardi (799th), Brandon Cantu (783rd) and “Hollywood Dave” Stann (706th) represented Team UB in the tournament, but they all made early exits. In the early morning hours of Thursday, ENGINE1734 and YYZSICKO were the last two players remaining.

The final hand came when ENGINE1734 (3,596,862 in chips) limped from the small blind, YYZSICKO (1,558,138 in chips) raised to 1.4 million, ENGINE1734 moved all in, and YYZSICKO called for his last 153,138. ENGINE1734 held {A-Hearts}{K-Spades} and was racing against the {7-Hearts}{7-Clubs} of YYZSICKO. The flop came down {5-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}, catapulting ENGINE1734 into the lead. The turn was the {J-Hearts}, leaving YYZSICKO in need of a seven to stay alive. Unfortunately for him, the river was the {9-Clubs} and ENGINE1734 became the Mini-UBOC5 Event #13 champion, worth $4,604.44.

Mini-UBOC5 Event #13 (Multi-Day 1 Deepstack NLH)
Buy-in: $20.00 + $2.00

Guarantee: $20,000
Prize Pool: $20,620

Entrants: 1,031

1. ENGINE1734 - $4,604.44

2. YYZSICKO - $2,752.77
3. FINGIES7 - $1,866.11

4. THEMIZZLE90 - $1,329.99

5. NOTYOURGAME - $1,123.79

6. FORTIER69 - $917.59

7. SUNNYDYLN - $711.39

8. BENTHERE925 - $505.19
9. APPHILIVEY00 - $350.54

The 14th event of the UBOC5 was the $300 + $20 PLO 6-max 2x Second Chance tournament, hosted by Gary “DEBO 34” Debernardi. The event, which had a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool, drew 207 entrants including UB pros Debernardi (161st), Matt Graham (123rd), Adam “Roothlus” Levy (113th), and Brandon Cantu (27th) who came up just shy of the money. Online pros dominated the latter stages of the tournament, with a laundry list making it to the final table. Max “SKANKY980” Warrick (9th), Justin “JUROLLO” Rollo (7th), Jacob “EDDYTOWN21” Bazeley (6th), Jeff “JEFFBEESDAT” Gray (5th), and Ben “KIDCARDIFF6” Warrington (4th) made final table appearances but came up short of victory. In the end, it was Jason “JDPC27” Wheeler who was runnerup in Event #54 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em at the 2008 World Series of Poker facing off against an unknown online player known only as “LMNOPONU.”

At the time, JDPC27 held an almost 2-1 chip lead and the two attempted to make a deal on numerous occasions. However, they were not able to reach an agreement that both found satisfactory. A few hands later, a series of raises and reraises found LMNOPONU (147,646 in chips) all in with {J-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{10-Spades} against JDPC27’s (275,354 in chips) {2-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{K-Diamonds}{A-Spades}. The board ran out {J-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{J-Spades}{6-Clubs}{4-Hearts} and suddenly LMNOPONU found himself with the chip lead.

Just three hands later, JDPC27 (139,708 in chips) raised to 9,000 preflop and LMNOPONU (283,292 in chips) made the call. The flop came down {3-Spades}{8-Hearts}{7-Clubs} and LMNOPONU checked. JDPC27 bet 18,000, only to be check-raised to 72,000. JDPC27 moved all in and received a call.

JDPC27 – {9-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}{10-Diamonds}
LMNOPONU – {8-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{A-Spades}

JDPC27 was ahead with an overpair and an open-ended straight draw. LMNOPONU just had a pair of eights and needed to improve. Luckily for him, the turn was the {A-Clubs}, giving him two pair and the lead. When the {10-Diamonds} hit the river, it was all over. Wheeler was left with another runner-up finish while LMNOPONU won $27,000 and became the UBOC5 Event #14 champion.

UBOC5 Event #14 (PLO 6-max 2x Second Chance)

Buy-in: $300.00 + $20.00
Guarantee: $100,000
Prize Pool: $100,000

Entrants: 207 (75 Rebuys)

1. LMNOPONU - $27,000
2. Jason “JDPC27” Wheeler - $15,400
3. UNCLE_LEO - $12,150
4. Ben “KIDCARDIFF6” Warrington - $9,250
5. Jeff “JEFFBEESDAT” Gray - $7,250
6. Jacob “EDDYTOWN21” Bazeley- $5,250
7. Justin “JUROLLO” Rollo - $4,000
8. TGKISADA - $3,000
9. Max “SKANKY980” Warrick - $2,000

Notable Finishes: Benjamin “XTHESTEINX” Zamani (10th - $1,400), Jeremy “CHIPSTEELA” Menard (14th - $1,000), Shawn “PHAT_CAT” Luman (15th- $1,000), Joseph “JBLAZE20” Chaplin (17th - $1,000), Corey “CMB8757” Burbick (22nd - $750), Jeremy “THECHEMIST83” Gaubert (24th - $750)

The Mini-UBOC5 Event #14 $30.00 + $3.00 PLO 6-max 2x Second Chance was hosted by online pro A2STEAKSAUCE and saw 229 players including UB pros Gary “DEBO 34” Debernardi (110th) and Matt Graham (39th). In the end, heads-up action saw Joe “ENDER555” Ebanks facing off against SUREFIREBETS.

The final hand of the tournament came when ENDER555 (299,736 in chips) raised to 7,000, SUREFIREBETS (172,764 in chips) reraised to 21,000 and ENDER555 called. The flop came {4-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{8-Clubs} and SUREFIREBETS bet 42,000, which was called. When the {5-Diamonds} hit the turn, SUREFIREBETS shoved all in for 109,764 and ENDER555 called with {2-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{4-Hearts} for two pair. SUREFIREBETS, who held {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}, was behind with his pair of queens. The {4-Clubs} on the river gave ENDER555 a full house and the win. Ebanks, who placed second in the UBOC Event #5 $1,000 + $50 Heads Up tournament for $22,050, added a Mini-UBOC title, along with the $2,700 first-place prize, to his résumé.

Mini-UBOC5 Event #14 (PLO 6-max 2x Second Chance)
Buy-in: $30.00 + $3.00
Guarantee: $10,000
Prize Pool: $10,000

Entrants: 229 (86 rebuys)

1. Joe “ENDER555” Ebanks - $2,700
2. SUREFIREBETS - $1,540
3. STACKNSHARKS - $1,215
6. PEBS4444 - $525
9. DONKMAN - $200

you still have time to play in the UBOC and Mini-UBOC. Sign up for a UB account to play and also for a staggering $1200 first deposit bonus, one of the biggest in poker.

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