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The Las Vegas Grinder: Venetian and Caesars Palace to Hold Tourney Series


Winter has brought cold weather to the usually warm city of Las Vegas, so what better way to spend your time than playing in a big, yet affordable, tournament series? Beginning soon are the Caesars Palace Winter Poker Classic and the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza. Here are the schedules for both.

Caesars Palace Winter Poker Classic

Jan. 1712:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$120
Jan. 1812:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$230
Jan. 183:00 p.m.Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-Better$120
Jan. 1912:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Jan. 193:00 p.m.Pot-Limit Omaha$120
Jan. 2012:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$120
Jan. 2112:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$230
Jan. 2211:00 a.m.Ladies No-Limit Hold’em$120
Jan. 2212:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Jan. 2312:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$230
Jan. 233:00 p.m.Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em$120
Jan. 2412:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$120
Jan. 2512:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$230
Jan. 2612:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Jan. 263:00 p.m.Heads Up-Up NLH$120
Jan. 2712:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$230
Jan. 2812:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Jan. 283:00 p.m.Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-Better$230
Jan. 2912:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$230
Jan. 2910:00 a.m.Seniors No-Limit Hold’em$120
Jan. 3012:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$230
Jan. 3112:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$120
Jan. 313:00 p.m.PLO Championship$230
Feb. 112:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$120
Feb. 112:00 p.m.NBC National Heads-Up Qualifier$230
Feb. 312:00 p.m.Championship Event No-Limit Hold’em$550
Feb. 43:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$120

For all tournaments at the Caesars Palace Winter Poker Classic, there is an optional $10 bonus buy for additional chips to add to your starting stack. All preliminary events aside for the heads-up NLH and the NBC Heads-Up National Championship qualifier have 40-minute levels until the final table. The levels are then increased to 60 minutes. For complete information on this tournament series, head over to Caesars Palace’s website or call the poker room at 702-785-6566.

Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza

Jan. 2812:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Jan. 2912:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Jan. 3012:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Jan. 3112:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$550
Feb. 112:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 212:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 312:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$1,070
Feb. 32:00 p.m.Pot-Limit Omaha$340
Feb. 412:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$550
Feb. 512:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 612:00 p.m.Pre-Game Super Turbo$225
Feb. 712:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$550
Feb. 812:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 912:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 1012:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$1,070
Feb. 1012:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 112:00 p.m.Omaha 8-or-better$340
Feb. 1212:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 1312:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$550
Feb. 1412:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 1412:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$550
Feb. 152:00 p.m.H.O.R.S.E.$340
Feb. 1612:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 1712:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 1812:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 1912:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 2012:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$550
Feb. 2112:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em$340
Feb. 2312:00 p.m.No-Limit Hold’em Main Event$2,500

There is also an optional $10 staff bonus for extra starting chips at the Venetian series. For complete information on this tournament series, head over to the Venetian’s website or give them a ring at 702-414-7657.

Plenty of local players, tourists and even some of the PokerNews staff will be on hand for these events. It'd be a shame if you are in the area and don't make it out to these great series. They provide great play at very affordable buy-ins and all allow you to win a nice pile of cash.

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