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PartyPoker Weekly: Play Less Win More, BadBeat JackPot Soaring and More Tony G

Sign up to PartyPoker this week for a free $50 bankroll, a big March freeroll promotion and a Bad Beat Jackpot worth nearly $1 million.

Tony on Peter Eastgate and France
Tony G is in fine form this week, taking a shot Peter Eastgate by announcing “I’m retiring from live poker until the next tournament”

“Peter Eastgate – the shortest retirement in the history of poker. Even though the sale of his bracelet made a lot for charity I would have felt cheated if I had bought it only for him to go back on his decision.”

You can also check out Tony with a special message for his French fans, we don’t know why, but there is something strangely entertaining about Tony G speaking French:

Play Less Win More
Another month, another great value promotion at PartyPoker. Play Less, Win More is a new freeroll series with a bizarre twist; you can select the size of the freeroll and the bigger it is, the easier it is to qualify. This series takes place between March 1 and 31.

PartyPoker Weekly: Play Less Win More, BadBeat JackPot Soaring and More Tony G 101

Bad Beat Jackpot Reaching $1 Million

PartyPoker Weekly: Play Less Win More, BadBeat JackPot Soaring and More Tony G 102

The lucrative Bad Beat Jackpot at PartyPokers Jackpot tables has been steadily climbing and getting closer to the $1 million mark. It was over $800,000 when we last checked and there were over 200 tables running at once. All you need to do to cash in is lose with quad eights or better to take the lion’s share of this massive prize pot.

The Best Bonus in Online Poker
PokerNews has the best PartyPoker bonus in the world, and you can benefit if you have money to deposit or are starting from scratch.

Just to remind you, you can get $50 for free when you sign up to PartyPoker via PokerNews, follow our walkthough guide and use bonus code PN50Free. You don’t need to deposit a single cent or give any of your bank details. This bonus is exclusive to PokerNews, you cannot find it anywhere else. But if you want to get an even bigger bonus, you can use our Party Free $50 bonus alongside our exclusive reload bonus, to get $100 for just a deposit of $50. Not only this, but the redemption requirements are much easier via PokerNews than anywhere else.

If you signed up to PartyPoker anywhere else, you would have to deposit $100 to get a $100 bonus. Then to release that bonus you would need to earn 600 PartyPoints.

However, with PokerNews, you can get the same bonus for half the deposit and nearly half of the point’s target. Just follow our step by step guide.

PartyPoker Weekly: Play Less Win More, BadBeat JackPot Soaring and More Tony G 103

Free Month with PokerNews Strategy
But it doesn’t stop there, because all new Party Free $50 customers also get an exclusive free first Month with PokerNews Strategy worth $30. Once your PartyPoker account has been credited with the first $25 of your free $50, you will receive an email to confirm your free month at PokerNews Strategy. This will direct you to a special sign-up page for this promotion and you must use the same email address you registered with PartyPoker for us to recognize you as having a free PokerNews Strategy subscription.

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