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It may have been one of the biggest weekends in the history of poker because of the news breaking in the U.S., but meanwhile poker history was being made at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham a few weeks ago. The PartyPoker Big Game V was streamed live on PokerNews for all 48 hours of the high-stakes cash game.

In a poker first, viewers were able to interact with each other, Team PokerNews, the players, and most importantly the game itself – since player evictions were decided by viewers via the Big Game Interactive interface. We also held exclusive interviews, trivia quizzes, betting games, and freerolls throughout the weekend.

The sheer scale of the event was something to behold, which is why we present to you PartyPoker Big Game Interactive – By the Numbers.

Total Money in Play: £355,600.

Biggest Pot: Tony G was on the right end of the two biggest pots of the game (which was good for Team PokerNews as he was in drink-buying mood afterward). The first pot Tony woke up with was aces against the pocket queens of Rob Yong and the ace-king of Martins Adeniya. All the money went in preflop and the rockets held for Tony to scoop a pot of over £63,000.

Not long after, Tony found himself with the goods once again, flopping top set with pocket kings against the bottom-two pair of Roberto Romanello, holding {4-Spades}{2-Spades}. The EPT & WPT champion didn’t believe the river shove of Tony, and eventually reluctantly called for a pot worth well over £100,000.

Both pots broke the record for biggest pots in the history of the PartyPoker Big Game.

Europe vs America Average Profit: Europe -£7,150 America £9,240

Male versus Female Average Profit: Male -£1,120 Female £13,566

Longest At Table: We don’t have the exact numbers, but player-of-the-year contender Sam Trickett put in the most hours. Not only did he start the game and play for well over 24 hours, but he also came back for a second session during the final day. We estimate he put in well over 30 hours of table time.

Shortest At Table: This is much easier to answer: online qualifier Andre Pettersson had perhaps the shortest tenancy in Big Game history. He lasted only one hand after flopping top set versus the Devilfish, who had a straight flush draw. All the money went in on the flop, and a club on the turn set the Swede packing before his entrance music had finished.

Saddest to Leave the Game: David "Viffer" Peat's elimination was the most controversial of the night, and last year's big winner was not happy, as you can see here in our exclusive video from Laura Cornelius.

Happiest to Leave the Game: To anyone who watched the stream it looked like Ben Carpenter was the happiest to leave, after quitting instantly after stacking Andrew Feldman. It turned out he wasn't hitting and running, he was actually asked to leave to let someone else in. He wanted to stay, and kindly stuck around answering your questions in a live interview afterward.

Most Popular Player: Who else but the man of the moment, Tony G? Not only was he the single biggest subject of discussion in the Cover It Live chat interface, he also survived four viewer evictions, never getting more than four percent of the overall votes.

Least Popular Player: The first player out was also the least popular, poor old Bruno Fitoussi was ousted with 42 percent of the overall vote, the biggest landslide eviction of the show. When asked why he got evicted later on, he replied, "Because I am a froggy."

Bruno Fitoussi was the first played to get 'biked'.
Bruno Fitoussi was the first played to get 'biked'.

Total Time Jesse May Spent Commentating: 43 Hours

Number of Matchroom Staff Producing the Event: 75

PokerNews Number of Unique Visitors: 295,253

PokerNews Number of Page Views: 1,858,962

Big Game Interactive Unique Views: 75,708

Big Game Interactive Number of Page Views: 119,199

Big Game Interactive Viewers Logged into Chat: 25,166

Big Game Interactive Number of Unique Chat Messages: 9,904

Big Game Interviews: Kara Scott, Lisa Marie Long, Dusty Schmidt, Ben Carpenter, Kristijonas Andrulis, Robert Williamson III

Total Number of Freeroll Players: 3,254

Tony G was on hand to give out the freeroll password.
Tony G was on hand to give out the freeroll password.

Winners & Losers:

Tony GAustralia £150,450.00
Jennifer TillyUSA £65,425.00
Robert Williamson IIIUSA £31,350.00
JP KellyEngland £27,775.00
Roland De WolfeEngland £20,675.00
Kristijonas AndrulisLithuania £18,625.00
Ben CarpenterEngland £16,675.00
Andy MoseleyEngland £13,525.00
Marc KoeherGermany £10,800.00
Alec TorelliUSA £300.00
Bruno FitoussiFrance -£125.00
Ryan SmithCanada -£8,000.00
Andre PetterssonSweden -£8,000.00
Dhinara KhaziyevaCanada -£8,000.00
Eelis ParsinnenFinland -£8,000.00
Linus HjulstromSweden -£8,000.00
Cang PhanCanada -£8,000.00
Fredrik KeitelGermany -£8,000.00
Andrew FeldmanEngland -£8,750.00
DevilfishEngland -£10,525.00
Luke SchwartzEngland -£11,875.00
Toby LewisEngland -£12,050.00
Roberto RomanelloWales -£15,000.00
Sam TrickettEngland -£16,500.00
Annette ObrestadNorway -£16,725.00
Neil ChanningEngland -£19,975.00
Martins AdeniyaEngland -£21,700.00
Per LindeSweden -£22,300.00
VifferUSA -£23,425.00
Mike MatusowUSA -£27,450.00
Keith JohnsonEngland -£35,000.00
Rob YongEngland -£50,000.00

Top Ten Chat Trends:

Sam Trickett played the longest, Jennifer Tilly was one of the biggest winners.
Sam Trickett played the longest, Jennifer Tilly was one of the biggest winners.

1. “Where is Tony G?” “Go Tony G”
2. Black Friday
3. “I can’t believe Jennifer Tilly is 52” or “Wow, Jennifer Tilly has large breasts”
4. Praise for the Stream
5. Praise for Jesse May & Dusty Schmidt in the commentary booth.
6. Outrage at Viffer’s eviction.
7. Stream lag.
8. “What is the password for Freeroll?”
9. “Who is Rob Yong?”
10. Questions for players we interviewed through Cover it Live.

Thank you to everyone who made PokerNews Big Game Interactive the huge success, especially those of you who watched the broadcast and joined in the discussion on Cover It Live. We think this is the future of poker live reporting so stay tuned to PokerNews for even more of this in the future.

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