The 5th Annual Binion's Classic & Venetian Deep Stack III


Earlier this week, we told you about the results to two tournament series that ran simultaneously with the World Series of Poker, the Golden Nugget’s Grand Poker Series and the 2011 Caesars Palace Megastack Series. To round out our coverage of the summer’s hottest poker action, here are the results from the 5th Annual Binion’s Poker Classic and Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza III.

Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza III

If you’re a poker fan and have been to Las Vegas in recent years, you’ve no doubt heard of the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganzas. With great structures at an affordable price, the Deep Stack Extravaganza has been hailed as one of the best and most successful poker tournament series on The Strip. This summer, the Venetian hosted the Deep Stack Extravaganza III and once again found a great deal of success.

The luxurious venue drew hordes of players throughout the 49 events, creating a combined prize pool of $15,497,403. Although mostly comprised of tourists and amateurs, the Deep Stack Extravaganza also drew many big-name pros who were looking to lay claim to the millions at stake. They included, Joseph Cheong, David “Doc” Sands, Amir Lehavot, Bryan Devonshire, James Van Alstyne, Max Lykov, Ty Reiman, Mike Beasley, Scott Clements, Carter King, Kyle Cartwright, and Jason Wheeler.

Two other pros, Steve Burkholder and Frankie O’Dell, even managed to take down events, while 2004 WSOP Main Event runner-up, bracelet winner, and WPT World Champion David Williams almost did the same, ultimately coming up short when he finished second in the $550 Pot-Limit Omaha to Paul Spillane, good for a cool $29,314.

Notable Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza III Results

DateEvent# of EntrantsPrize PoolWinnerPrize
May 29$550 No-Limit Hold’em306$147,645Steve Burkholder$35,434
May 31$1,070 No-Limit Hold’em274$264,410Clint Coffee$63,454
June 8$550 H.O.R.S.E.254$122,555Frankie O’Dell$33,091
June 15$550 Pot-Limit Omaha419$202,168Paul Spillane$47,509
June 27$2,500 No-Limit Hold’em275$151,274Gabriel Alarie$151,274
June 29$340 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em312$90,792Nuanmanee Khamsv$21,784
July 2$1,070 No-Limit Hold’em312$301,080Jackie Glazier$72,257
July 13$5,000 Main Event374$1,750,414Adam Elpayaa$420,092

The highlight of every Deep Stack Extravaganza is the $5,000 Main Event, and this go-around was no different. The capstone event drew 374 entrants and created a prize pool of $1,750,414. Many of poker’s top professionals, most of whom had been eliminated from the WSOP Main Event, journeyed to the Venetian and found some success. While they didn’t make the final table, the following players did manage to secure a cash: Jennifer Tilly (34th - $12,253), Matt Waxman (32nd - $12,253), Tony Cousineau (31st - $12,253), Jonathan Little (23rd - $14,879), Ben Volpe (22nd - $14,879), Jamie Rosen (18th - $19,080), Sam Grizzle (14th - $25,031), and William Reynolds (11th - $33,258).

In the end, Adam Elpayaa of Forest Park, Illinois, outlasted a tough final table, which included pros Gary Friedlander and Dan O’Brien, to take home the $420,092 first-place prize.

Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza III Main Event Final Table

1stAdam Elpayaa$420,092
2ndJohnny Neckar$254,860
3rdGary Friedlander$170,665
4thRobert Zlatkiss$119,028
5thDaniel O’Brien$89,271
6thTim Kahlmeyer$70,017
7thDustin Graves$59,164
8thAnthony Gregg$49,012
9thTony Sinishtaj$42,010

5th Annual Binion’s Poker Classic

When it comes to poker, Binion’s Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas helped make the game what it is today. Having been sold and rebranded simply Binion’s, the property is still operating and banking on its reputation of poker excellence by hosting a series of low buy-in tournaments that coincide with the WSOP, appropriately called the Binion’s Poker Classic.

This marked the fifth anniversary of the event, and as tradition has dictated, it was bigger and better than the prior year. With 44 events on the schedule, there was truly a tournament for everyone from the traditional no-limit hold’em variety to the more interesting Dealer’s Choice event, which allowed participants to choose from over a dozen games on their button.

Here’s a look at the summer’s winners, along with a look at the Main Event final table.

5th Annual Binion’s Poker Classic Results

DateEventBuy-in# of EntrantsPrize PoolWinnerPrize
May 30#1 Casino Employee NLH$100115$10,040Steve Lee$1,366
May 31#2 No-Limit Hold’em$150141$18,464Rodrigo Reyes$3,618
June 1#3 No-Limit Hold’em$150144$18,857Tom Withers$2,405
June 2#4 Pot-Limit Omaha 8 or Better$200120$20,952Dan Scott$3,940
June 3#5 No-Limit Hold’em$200121$21,127Ronald Phipps$5,005
June 4#6 No-Limit Hold’em$150103$13,488Keith Murdock$3,200
June 5#7 No-Limit Hold’em$150125$16,369Jame Samsone$4,650
June 6#8 No-Limit Hold’em$150110$14,405Scott Stewart$4,000
June 7#9 H.O.R.S.E.$20071$12,397Adam Clayman$3,520
June 8#10 No-Limit Hold’em$150102$13,357Kyle Roland$2,740
June 9#11 Limit Omaha 8 or Better$20080$13,968John Van Laan$3,220
June 10#12 No-Limit Hold’em$200151$26,365Clint Holmes$5,000
June 11#13 No-Limit Hold’em$150113$14,797Bill Shepherd$2,844
June 12#14 No-Limit Hold’em$150143$18,726Nicole Mummy$5,035
June 13#15 No-Limit Hold’em$150139$18,202Josh McQuoid$4,705
June 14#16 No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed$200162$28,285Kevin O’Leary$7,620
June 15#17 No-Limit Hold’em$150112$14,666Randy Propson$4,255
June 16#18 Limit Stud 8 or Better$20074$12,920Meg MacRae$1,730
June 17#19 No-Limit Hold’em$200122$21,301Julio Rodriguez$4,650
June 18#20 No-Limit Hold’em$150156$20,428Christi Koide$3,695
June 19#21 No-Limit Hold’em$150121$15,845Rich Chase$3,012
June 20#22 No-Limit Hold’em$150139$18,202Steffen Schmid$3,800
June 21#23 Pot-Limit Omaha 8 or Better$200111$19,381Ryan Miller$3,554
June 22#24 No-Limit Hold’em$15095$12,440Yann Pauchon$3,058
June 23#25 H.O.R.S.E.$50062$27,665Robert Gray$5,450
June 24#26 No-Limit Hold’em$20075$13,095Yann Pauchon$3,810
June 25#27 No-Limit Hold’em$150107$14,012Chad Holloway$2,758
June 26#28 No-Limit Hold’em$15079$10,345Randy Enos$2,608
June 27#29 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em$20072$12,571Eleanor Gredger$3,875
June 28#30 No-Limit Hold’em$150103$13,488Sander Springer$2,743
June 28#31 Pot-Limit Omaha 8 or Better$200149$26,015Joshua Palmer$5,200
June 29#32 Main Event$1,000314$289,351Todd Breyfogle$55,635
July 1#33 No-Limit Hold’em$20067$11,698Brandon Setzer$3,775
July 1#34 No-Limit Hold’em$200105$13,750Brad Russell$3,940
July 2#35 No-Limit Hold’em$15091$11,916Eric Wossner$3,535
July 3#36 No-Limit Hold’em$15096$12,571Arika Funahashi$2,423
July 4#37 No-Limit Hold’em$150NANATyler Fields$4,550
July 5#38 H.O.R.S.E.$200NANANANA
July 6#39 No-Limit Hold’em$20068$11,873Jerry Yamachika$3,975
July 7#40 Limit Omaha 8 or Better$20078$13,619Jason Riesenberg$4,360
July 8#41 No-Limit Hold’em$100109$8,458Joe Young$1,179
July 9#42 No-Limit Hold’em$100111$8,614Kent Odgaard$1,495
July 10#43 No-Limit Hold’em$100NANANANA
July 11#44 Dealer’s Choice$15046$6,024Kendall Fukumoto$2,110

5th Annual Binion’s Poker Classic Main Event Final Table

1stTodd Breyfogle$55,635
2ndRhys Jones$49,000
3rdSteve Watts$48,000
4thLukasz Grabowski$26,765
5thJavier Cal$20,255
6thJoseph Accordino$14,470
7thJeff Myers$9,405
8thKevin Pionkowski$7,235
9thPeter Lubrano$5,780

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