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Oleg Prokhorov Wins Russian Poker Series Kiev

Oleg Prokhorov

The Russian Poker Series Kiev Main Event was held from Sept. 7 through 10 at the Kreschatyk Poker Club. The $2,500 Main Event attracted 322 entrants created a prize pool of $718,000. Oleg Prokhorov conquered the field to take home the victory, defeating Vadim Ostomaty heads up for the win.

On Day 2 of the tournament, 193 players returned to action. Dmitry Gromov proved to be the man to catch coming into the day with 174,700. He was followed by Aitmatov Maksat, Ostomaty, Andrew Pateychuk and Kirill Rodionov.

Gromov didn’t have such a good day on the felt and only went on to finish Day 2 with 95,500. That was good enough for 34th place overall, out of the 40 players who made it through to Day 3. Ostomaty had a much better day and built his stack to 784,500 to take the chip lead into Day 3. Pateychuk also did well and finished Day 2 in third place with 570,500.

Four of the 40 players who returned for Day 3 went home empty handed because only 36 places were paid out in the Main Event. Out of those returning, Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko was the most notable. He returned in 12th place overall with a stack of 277,500.

On one notable hand, Kravchenko was able to double up. This happened during the 6,000/12,000 blind level. George Georgie raised and Kravchenko called to see the flop come down {J-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{7-Hearts}. After Georgie bet 40,000, Kravchenko raised to 130,000. Georgie made the call and the {6-Spades} fell on the turn. Georgie fired all-in for 270,000. Kravchenko called and tabled {7-}{7-} for a set of sevens. Georgie held the {9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} for a pair and a straight draw. The river {A-Hearts} kept Kravchenko’s hand best and he doubled up.

At the end of the day, only nine players remained for the final table. Here’s how they stacked up.

1Levan Karmanishvili287,000
2Paul Lee913,000
3Oleg Prokhorov1,959,000
4Martin Dietrich807,000
5Alex Kravchenko1,411,000
6Anton Ponomarev959,000
7Andrew Pateychuk815,000
8Vadim Ostomaty2,100,000
9Yuri Skorzeny490,000

With plenty of money up for grabs, and $182,000 going to first place, the final table was set to be a battle; however, it didn’t take long for the first player to be eliminated.

Falling in ninth place was Andrew Pateychuk. Although he got the last of his money in with pocket aces, they failed to hold against Levan Karmanishvili's two tens after a ten flopped and the board bricked from there. Then in eighth place, Yuri Skorzeny was eliminated, followed by Martin Dietrich in seventh and Kravchenko in sixth.

Kravchenko was the most notable player to make the final table and was eliminated after shoving all-in with {Q-Clubs}{J-Clubs} and running into Anton Ponomarev’s {K-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}. Although the flop provided a sweat with the {K-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{2-Spades} falling to give Kravchenko a club flush draw, the turn {3-Spades} and river {6-Hearts} couldn’t give him the suck-out he needed to stay alive.

After Kravchenko hit the rail, Paul Lee fell in fifth place, Levan Karmanishvili in fourth. Before play got down to heads up, the final three players made a deal where Ostomaty and Ponomarev took $135,000 each and Prokhorov earned $94,000. Ponomarev then exited in third, setting the stage for a heads-up match between Prokhorov and Ostomaty. The title and an extra $8,000 was up for grabs for first place.

When the heads-up duel began, Ostomaty held a big chip lead with 8.45 million in chips to Prokhorov’s 1.15 million. On the final hand, Ostomaty raised to 380,000 and Prokhorov reraised to 1.5 million. Ostomaty made the call to see the flop come down {J-Hearts}{8-Spades}{3-Clubs}. This is where the money went in with Ostomaty holding {8-Hearts}{4-Hearts} for a pair of eights to Prokhorov’s {9-Hearts}{9-Clubs} for a little better pair of nines. The turn brought the {9-Diamonds} to give Prokhorov an unbeatable set of nines and had Ostomaty drawing dead. The river completed the board with the {3-Spades} and it was all over.

For winning the event, Prokhorov took home a total of $102,000 and the RPS Kiev title.

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