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Miroslav Macho Wins The Latest Deutsch Poker Tour Main Event

Miroslav Macho

The second edition of the Deutsch Poker Tour Main Event took place at the luxurious King's Casino in the Czech Republic over the weekend and it will be remembered fondly by everyone who was involved in it; especially the eventual champion Miroslav Macho.

A record number of entrants, 631 to be exact, took part in the €155 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event in the King's Casino Rozvadov, creating a prize pool of €85,090 that was to be shared out amongst the top 50 finishers. Of the 632 entries, 147 returned to the casino to play out the final day on Sunday

Any hopes of reaching the money quickly were dashed as the bubble was full of excitement and drama, in fact hand-for-hand lasted for over 90-minutes! Aces clashed with aces, short-stacks doubled up seemingly at will and nobody wanted to become the unfortunate bubble boy. Eventually the final 51 players reached a deal that paid out 51st place and the bubble was effectively burst.

Thanks in part to the long winded bubble play it took just three more levels to whittle down the in-the-money players down to the nine handed final table.

Deutsch Poker Tour Final Table

1Robert Aichhammer1,625,000
2Miroslav Macho4,215,000
3Robin Kores1,265,000
4Adam Bazik3,095,000
5Jan Langthaler2,335,000
6Ivan Kosarko4,560,000
7Petr Cozik4,500,000
8Marek Blasko3,155,000
9Peter Bayer470,000

On the very first hand of the final table, the short-stacked Peter Bayer committed his remaining chips with {a-}{10-} but ran straight into the pocket jacks of Miroslav Macho. Bayer was joined on the rail shortly after by Robin Kores and Adam Bazik, who picked up €1,957 and €2,638 in prize money respectively.

The last German in the field, the aforementioned Bayer, busted out in sixth and just a few hands later Ivan Kosarko followed suit. The final elimination — no we have not lost the plot — took place when Jan Langthaler three-bet all-in for around 15-big blinds with {A-}{8-} and Macho made the call with a dominating {A-}{10-}. Macho's hand held and the tournament was down to three players.

The final three players, Macho; Marek Blasko and Petr Cozik, started to discuss the possibility of deal for the remaining prize pool and after a short while the trio managed to agree and the tournament came to a conclusion without the need to play out its remainder. It was decided Cozik finished third, Blasko second and the latest Deutsch Poker Tour Champion was Macho.

Deutsch Poker Tour Final Table Payouts

PositionNamePrize (Euros)Prize (USD)
1Miroslav Macho€17,980$22,063
2Marek Blasko€11,913$14,618
3Petr Cozik€8,509$10,441
4Jan Langthaler€6,382$7,831
5Ivan Kosarko€4,680$5,743
6Peter Bayer€3,404$4,177
7Adam Bazik€2,638$3,237
8Robin Kores€1,957$2,401
9Robert Aichhammer€1,532$1,880

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