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Not only does the New Year mark new goals for poker players, it also marks new promotions for online poker sites. Nevada's leading online poker site,, just announced a new promotion for cash-game players, specifically for those that play at short-handed tables in order to get the action started.

During the month of January, will be awarding double Action Player Points (APPs) for all short-handed cash games. A short-handed table is defined as a nine-handed table with five or fewer players or a six-handed table with three or fewer players.

This promotion does not include games where other players are sitting out and the number of seated players exceeds the short-handed definition. It counts all seated players. For example, if a nine-handed table has all seats filled, but only five players are active with four are sitting out, the hands being played would not counts towards double APPs. Furthermore, multi-table tournaments and sit-n-gos are excluded from the promotion.

APPs are used to determine a player's Action Club tier level. The higher your tier level, the better the multiplier for converting APPs to WSOP Points. WSOP Points can be instantly redeemed for cash, and players receive $0.01 for every WSOP Point. Status tiers also give you access to exclusive tournaments.

In ring games, APPs are awarded to the table at the rate of two APPs for each $1 in rake collected. A player receives APPs based on his or her contributed portion of the rake for each hand played.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to now and sign up to get in on the action today!

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