Goodbye Full Tilt Poker, Welcome Full Tilt Gaming?

Full Tilt Poker

As part of its diversification effort, Full Tilt Poker has rebranded its domain names to and from and

For now, this change only occurred for the URLs and not the site name itself. Although the site is still called Full Tilt Poker, the rebranding of the URL might only just be the beginning for what we could expect to see in the near future with "Poker" being dropped from the official name. Industry reports have hinted that the site may soon be rebranded to Full Tilt Gaming.

Full Tilt Poker's Twitter page also continues to have the Full Tilt Poker name and has not changed its handle from @FullTiltPoker.

This change isn't a complete surprise to industry insiders considering announcements made by Full Tilt's new owner, Amaya, last month about adding other games outside of poker to Full Tilt.

When Amaya announced the pending purchase of the Rational Group, the parent company of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, CEO David Baazo announced, "We intend to support the company growth in real-money online casino, sports betting, and social gaming."

The timing surround the rebranding of the domain names makes sense as Full Tilt focuses on diversifying their portfolio by adding new games to their arsenal. We have already seen new casino games added in recent weeks, and we should expect to see a new casino sometime in the near future.

Amaya also expects Full Tilt to start offering sports betting to their customers as soon as next year.

Full Tilt in Spain and Italy?

Full Tilt has recently applied for gaming licenses in the ring-fenced Spanish and Italian markets. Even though poker is declining in both markets, Full Tilt is positioned to add a diverse customer base as they continue to add to their gaming portfolio with new casino games and sports wagering.

Full Tilt also registered a new domain name, for Swedish players, which for now has a "COMING SOON" message on their website.

Be sure to stay tuned to PokerNews as changes continue to develop with Full Tilt Poker and the Rational Group.

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