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2015 Unibet Open Copenhagen Day 2: Hecklen and Agerskov in Contention; Petrescu Leads

Rasmus Agerskov

The second day of the 2015 Unibet Open Copenhagen, a tournament that attracted 404 entrants (slightly less than 2014 when Frederik Jensen defeated 405 players to grab the DKK 625,000 first-place prize), started with 137 players and a quest to get to the money and final 16. The first goal would be reached, but the second was a bit too much to ask for with only 10 levels of play.

It took six levels to get to the bubble, but efore anyone in the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Denmark could realistically think about making the money, a whole lot of layers had to forfeit their stacks and hit the rail.

One of those unfortunate souls would be Mike Hill. Unibet Open London's runner-up started the day with a more than reasonable stack but saw those chips disappear before the first break. Losing two all-ins before the flop with pocket aces can do that to even the toughest of players.

Another Unibet Open regular who had to depart long before the money stage commenced was Dur, though we might mention we're talking about Frenchman Francois Dur and not Tom "durrrr" Dwan here. Dur got it in with {k-}{10-}, was up against {a-}{10-}, and couldn't come from behind.

Long before the bubble even loomed, Rasmus Agerskov started building his stack. The Dane was already up to 500,000 in chips and added another 100,000 when he busted Dutchman Johan Goslings in a big coin flip with eights against ace-king.

When the dinner break started, the tournament was down to 48 players with 45 reaching the money. Paulo Rodrigues from the Netherlands, who made the final table at the Unibet Open in both St Maarten and London, was one of the unfortunate players who spent 60 minutes eating his dinner comfortably, only to leave the tournament empty handed shortly after the break when he ran {a-}{9-} suited into aces.

Rodrigues busting in 47th place wasn't the official bubble though, that dubious honor went to Soren Bilsgaard, who was down to less than two big blinds and called all in with {k-}{4-}. Neighbor Johan Espholm had {a-}{q-} and triumphed with an ace on the flop.

As expected a lot of players fell right after the bubble. Regular Nickolas Storm, who presumably played more Unibet Open tournaments than anyone else, started the day well — "A Storm is Coming" was the headline when his set of fives held versus Zoran Mitic's top pair and flush draw early on the day — but he wouldn't last in the long run, ultimately finishing in 38th place for €2,011.

Players fell left and right over the course of two hours of in-the-money play, and at that point play came to an end with 25 players remaining.

Those 25 players are guaranteed €2,815 and will continue play at 1 p.m. local time tomorrow. With still 25 players in the tournament, tomorrow will be a long day as the Unibet Open Copenhagen will play down to a winner, who will receive DKK 620,000 (€83,115). The reporting and live stream will be on a two-hour delay, so expect reporting and viewing pleasure at 3 p.m. Click here to sweat the action in our live blog.

Here's the table draw for the third and final day. As you can see, Bogdan Petrescu leads the way, but highly experienced Danish players Henrik Hecklen and Rasmus Agerskov are still in contention:

TableSeatNameChip Count
11Johan Espholm619,000
12Rasmus Agerskov916,000
13Bogdan Petrescu1,021,000
14Abid Hosseindad390,000
15Tommy Nord467,000
16Mohanathas Sivagnanam642,000
17Gornan Florin829,000
18Robin Nielsen790,000
21Mudassar Khan417,000
22Michael Mollgaard212,000
23Henrik Hecklen665,000
24Ievgen Zhadan231,000
25Postula Jacek271,000
26Danny Neess836,000
27Tobias Andersen337,000
28Henrik Juncker408,000
31Pavlos Xanthopoulos465,000
32Tapio Jarvinen215,000
33Tim Van Meene152,000
34Nikolaj Seydel303,000
35Erik Alberius279,000
36Mikkel Plum591,000
37Stepahne Gard51,000
38Davy De Cooman261,000
39Theis Vad Hennebjerre578,000

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