Review: RunGood Poker Results Tracking App a Must for Serious Players

Review: RunGood Poker Results Tracking App a Must for Serious Players 0001

Poker players dedicated to improving their win rates realize the importance of keeping close records of their results. Traditionally, a small notebook or perhaps an Excel spreadsheet has been favored for keeping record of live poker sessions, but more recently players have been turning to tracking apps on their mobile devices as a more handy resource.

One choice that has distinguished itself among those currently on offer is the RunGood poker results tracking app.

First introduced a little over two years ago, with version 2.0 having been launched this spring, the RunGood app is an especially well-constructed, easy-to-use tool that is the most flexible and complete tracking resource for live poker we have come across. RunGood has been gaining popularity within the poker community, and we're told that Daniel NegreanuJoe HachemPrahlad Friedman, and Mikael Thuritz are some of the pros known to use the RunGood app to track their results.

RunGood and RunGood Lite are both available for download on the iOS App Store. A version for Android will be available in the coming months.

What RunGood Does

Unlike some apps, the RunGood interface is especially clean and intuitive to use, presenting four clearly-marked choices on the home screen: Results, In Play, Goals, and Manage Data. Each of these sections serves a distinct function, and together they allow you to:

  • Quickly save a completed session, with as many (or few) details as you want
  • Track a session "live" as you play, entering rebuys and expenses as needed while a timer helps keep track of how long you've been playing
  • Save sessions in different currencies and let the app handle getting the latest conversion rates
  • View interactive graphs of your results
  • Browse over 160 statistics in various categories to see everything from your win rates in different games and locations to your ROI in a specific tournament series
  • Filter results for custom graphs and statistics, for instance a certain time frame or stake only
  • Set goals you would like to achieve and monitor your progress
  • Manage your bankroll balance and transactions
  • Save favorites for currencies, locations, and other details to make entering data easier
  • Export your data if you would also like to view them as a spreadsheet on your computer
  • Import data from other apps such as Poker Journal and Poker Income with just a few taps

One feature worth elaborating on is the ability to add customizable tags to sessions. This allows you to easily characterize sessions however you like. One suggested tag is "home game" to denote a non-casino session, while another is "tilt" perhaps to explain the reason for a loss and track for improvement. You can imagine other possibilities like "high rake," "soft game," "good structure," and so on to characterize sessions.

From there, users can filter their results a number of ways, which also updates the "Stats" and "Graphs" tabs. This is likely the most useful aspect of the app for the majority of users, as it provides players with the means to really break down their results and analyze their game. It also provides an objective basis for improving game selection, vital to any player's win rate.

The app settings include a few useful options as well, including one allowing users to change their default currency from USD to whichever currency they prefer. You can also configure how often the app fetches the latest currency exchange rates. Finally, there's a setting called "Break Even Margin" for cash game results, indicating a configurable number of big blinds for what you consider a break-even session.

Users can import sessions simply by emailing themselves a correctly-formatted CSV file, or export sessions by having the app generate and send a CSV file. The instructions for both procedures are simple and easy to follow. Being able to import sessions is helpful for those who may have used a different tracking app in the past and wish to incorporate earlier results when starting with RunGood.

What RunGood Does Better

We found RunGood immediately easier to use than other tracking apps due to its well thought out interface and features. Navigation within the app is extremely intuitive and the process of entering sessions is very streamlined. If you've always put off keeping records of your poker results because of the tediousness, RunGood could be the answer for you.

The statistics in the app are all organized clearly and presented in a meaningful way. Everything from your current cash game win streak to your final table percentage is intuitively arranged, while detailed rankings are available by tapping on various stats. The graphs in RunGood are not only more aesthetic, but also more informative and easier to read than those found in other apps like Poker Journal, which doesn't use standard increments for graph axes. RunGood provides options to graph results by currency or big blind, sessions or hours, and you can tap any point on a graph to view the details of the corresponding session. This is especially useful when reviewing results and trying to determine exactly which sessions are responsible for certain upswings or downswings.

What really makes RunGood stand out, however, is the clear attention to detail in how every feature is implemented. Most of the features make it immediately apparent the app has been created and developed by poker players who understand what matters when it comes to results and how that information can be both entered without great effort and then accessed and studied easily as well. I'm reminded of an especially well managed and updated poker site that makes everything easy for players to find and use — the app is like that in many ways. Not once when trying it out was I wondering where to find something or questioning why something was included, as all the features are clear, well integrated, and worth including.

Perhaps the only immediate con to report with RunGood is a $17.99 list price for the full version, although a free "lite" version of the RunGood app is available for users to try out all of its many features before purchasing. The fact that updates and added features have come frequently during the app's existence thus far more than makes up for the expense, we'd venture, as paying more for a well functioning, reliable app is certainly worth it when compared to a cheaper, less well maintained tracking tool. Timely updates have made for smooth transitions to both iOS 7 and 8, and the developers report an intention to continue making the app backward compatible with older versions of iOS.

With all the potential benefits, from objective data for game selection to the time and effort saved when keeping record of results, RunGood is a great investment and an invaluable tool for any serious poker player.


We can certainly recommend the RunGood app as an especially useful way for players of all stakes to track their results for both cash games and tournaments. The developers have thoughtfully evaluated the needs of poker professionals and enthusiasts, and produced a quality tool for players to not only keep track of their results, but to manage and review that information in a simple, immediately accessible way. Compared to some of the risk-reward situations smart players are willing to accept while playing, the risk involved with downloading and using the RunGood app seems especially small when compared to the potentially significant reward to those who use it.

RunGood and RunGood Lite are both available for download on the iOS App Store. A version for Android will be available in the coming months.

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