A Look at WSOP Event #10: $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship Day 1 Bracket

Heads-Up Matches

The 2015 World Series of Poker $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship kicked off on Monday and drew 143 entries, which created a prize pool of $1,344,200. Of that, $334,430 is reserved for the eventual winner.

With an even bracket set at 128 players, that meant most of the registered field would receive byes. However, 30 players needed to partake in a play-in round. As a sort of consolation, each of those players was given a $5,000 refund, meaning they were essentially playing a $5,000 satellite into the Round of 128.

Here were the 15 play-in matches:

  • Ronald Minnis def. Jake Abdalla
  • Isaac Baron def. Russell Rosenblum
  • Thomas Muehloecker def. Adam Bilzerian
  • Valeriu Coca def. Matt Marafioti
  • Connor Drinan def. Jason Les
  • Erik Seidel def. Markus Gonsalves
  • Jonathan Jaffe def. Jeff Gross
  • Matt Hyman def. David Peters (the well-known David Peters)
  • Jonathan Hanner def. David Peters (the other David Peters)
  • Doug Polk def. Andrew Lichtenberger
  • Dee Tiller def. Branden Hampton
  • Yoshihisa Kanzaki def. Oliver Price
  • Chung-Wei Wu def. Ankush Mandavia
  • Brandon Steven def. Kevin Song
  • Alexander Venovski def. Brandon Adams

With the bracket of 128 set, here is how it played out after three rounds on Monday:

Match Round of 128Round of 64Round of 32Round of 16
1Ronald Minnis   
 Steven ZhouSteven Zhou  
  vs.Chad Power 
2Chad PowerChad Power  
 Scott Davies   
   vs.Andy Philachack
3Scott Drobes   
 Jason MercierJason Mercier  
  vs.Andy Philachack 
4William KleinAndy Philachack  
 Andy Philachack   
5Jonathan Jaffe   
 Dani SternDani Stern  
  vs.Ben Warrington 
6Ben WarringtonBen Warrington  
 Hagop Ketendjian   
   vs.Matthew Cooper
7Faraz Jaka   
 Richard TuhrimRichard Tuhrim  
  vs.Matthew Cooper 
8Jason KoonMatthew Cooper  
 Matthew Cooper   
9Matthew Diehl   
 Jonathan WongMatthew Diehl  
  vs.Matthew Diehl 
10Brandon StevenLeo Wolpert  
 Leo Wolpert   
   vs.Timothy Adams
11Brice Lin   
 Nick PetrangeloNick Petrangelo  
  vs.Timothy Adams 
12Timothy AdamsTimothy Adams  
 Jonathan Hanner   
13Thomas Muehloecker   
 Naigang LinThomas Muehloecker  
  vs.Dan Smith 
14Jake CodyDan Smith  
 Dan Smith   
   vs.Simon Lam
15Viacheslav Fentisov   
 Jennifer TillyViacheslav Fentisov  
  vs.Simon Lam 
16Erik SeidelSimon Lam  
 Simon Lam   
17Davide Suriano   
 Allen ChangAllen Chang  
  vs.Allen Chang 
18Isaac BaronMax Steinberg  
 Max Steinberg   
   vs.Paul Volpe
19Tommaso Briotti   
 Paul VolpePaul Volpe  
  vs.Paul Volpe 
20Jared JaffeeStephen Chidwick  
 Stephen Chidwick   
21David Benyamine   
 Dimitar DanchevDavid Benyamine  
  vs.Barry Hutter 
22Barry HutterBarry Hutter  
 Yoshihisa Kanzaki   
   vs.Barry Hutter
23Michael Mizrachi   
 Yevgeniy TimoshenkoYevgeniy Timoshenko  
  vs.Sam Stein 
24Yuhito HayahsiSam Stein  
 Sam Stein   
25Jorryt Van Hoof   
 Michael KarczynskiMichael Karczynski  
  vs.Isidro Sifuentes 
26Brian RastIsidro Sifuentes  
 Isidro Sifuentes   
   vs.Isidro Sifuentes
27Christian Gleissner   
 Stephane TovilStephane Tovil  
  vs.Chou Chou 
28Alex VenovskiChou Chou  
 Chou Chou   
29Mike Gorodinsky   
 Johannes BeckerJohannes Becker  
  vs.Dong Kim 
30Paul RoyDong Kim  
 Dong Kim   
   vs.George Danzer
31Brian Yoon   
 Derek BowersDerek Bowers  
  vs.George Danzer 
32George DanzerGeorge Danzer  
 Brock Parker   
33Jason Mo   
 Anthony ZinnoAnthony Zinno  
  vs.John Smith 
34Mark RadojaJohn Smith  
 John Smith   
   vs.Jake Schindler
35Jake Schindler   
 Brian GreenJake Schindler  
  vs.Jake Schindler 
36Jason StrochakJason Strochak  
 Chung-Wei Wu   
37Keith Lehr   
 Matt HymanKeith Lehr  
  vs.Keith Lehr 
38Tim WestAdam Sobolewski  
 Adam Sobolewski   
   vs.Keith Lehr
39Martin Finger   
 Brian RobertsBrian Roberts  
  vs.Justin Oliver 
40Justin OliverJustin Oliver  
 Scott Baumstein   
41Phil Hellmuth   
 Byron KavermanByron Kaverman  
  vs.Byron Kaverman 
42Ayaz MahmoodAyaz Mahmood  
 Jonathan [Removed:250]   
   vs.Byron Kaverman
43Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier   
 Benjamin RolleBertrand "ElkY" Grospellier  
  vs.Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 
44Bryn KenneyBryn Kenney  
 Jimmy Dowda   
45Aaron Mermelstein   
 John RacenerAaron Mermelstein  
  vs.Valeriu Coca 
46Valeriu CocaValeriu Coca  
 Pratyush Buddiga   
   vs.Valeriu Coca
47Connor Drinan   
 Chino RheemConnor Drinan  
  vs.Connor Drinan 
48Jean-Robert BellandeDoug Polk  
 Doug Polk   
49Davidi Kitai   
 Sorel MizziSorel Mizzi  
  vs.Brian Hastings 
50Brian HastingsBrian Hastings  
 Yong Wang   
   vs.Olivier Busquet
51Christopher Sandrock   
 Mark McGovernChristopher Sandrock  
  vs.Olivier Busquet 
52Olivier BusquetOlivier Busquet  
 Isaac Haxton   
53Jason Somerville   
 Eric TheissenJason Somerville  
  vs.JC Tran 
54Simon HigginsJC Tran  
 JC Tran   
   vs.JC Tran
55Daniel Steinberg   
 Peter GouldPeter Gould  
  vs.Daniel McAulay 
56Dominik NitscheDaniel McAulay  
 Daniel McAulay   
57Justin Bonomo   
 Max SilverMax Silver  
  vs.Max Silver 
58Robert GorodetskyRobert Gorodetsky  
 Tobias Ziegler   
   vs.Max Silver
59Timothy Tenpas   
 Mohsin CharaniaMohsin Charania  
  vs.Chance Kornuth 
60Chance KornuthChance Kornuth  
 Alex Kostritsyn   
61Bobby Oboodi   
 Dee TillerDee Tilller  
  vs.Dee Tiller 
62Georgios ZisimopoulosDarren Elias  
 Darren Elias   
   vs.Dee Tiller
63Christopher Dow   
 Dmitry IvanovChristopher Dow  
  vs.Christopher Dow 
64Cary KatzAlen Wehbi  
 Alan Wehbi   

Play resumes Wednesday at 1 p.m. when the final 16 players play three rounds down to the final two.

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  • The World Series of Poker $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship kicked off on Monday and now just 16 players remain.

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