Four-Way Chop in WCOOP Main Event Leaves "Coenaldinho7" with Title and $1.3 Million

Four-Way Chop in WCOOP Main Event Leaves "Coenaldinho7" with Title and $1.3 Million

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) on PokerStars has long been the premier event of the virtual felt, a yearly event that every serious poker player in Stars-friendly jurisdictions has circled on the calendar.

At the close of the 2015 WCOOP $5,200 Main Event, "Coenaldinho7" of Belgium stood atop the mountain as online poker's tournament king, claiming $1.3 million as part of a four-way deal that saw him slightly edge out third-place finisher Guillaume "Nolet20" Nolet of Canada ($1.223 million) for the most prize money.

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerHome CountryPrize
3Guillaume "Nolet20" NoletCanada$1,223,000*
6Rory “Mr.Kingball” BrownIreland$273,000
7K.T.A.-1985Czech Republic$200,000
8Alexander “joiso” KostritsynRussa$150,000

*Denotes four-way deal

The tournament drew 1,995 runners, creating an ever-so-slight overlay in the $10,000,000 prize pool. It paid out 243 places, including Ami "UhhMee" Barer (225th), Keven "Stammdogg" Stammen (218th), Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron (151st), online nosebleed player "OtB_RedBaron" (109th), Cole "cts687" South (66th), Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee (46th), Stephen "stevie444" Chidwick (45th), David "dpeters17" Peters (28th), and Team PokerStars Pro Aditya "Adi Agarwal" Agarwal (13th).

When the final table of nine was reached, play was halted at blinds of 125,000/250,000. The final table reconvened for Day 3 with Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn leading the way at just under 20 million. According to the live updates, "Coenaldinho7" attempted to start discussions on a deal as he was on the shortest stack with 3.7 million, but to his ultimate benefit, nothing got done.

Four-Way Chop in WCOOP Main Event Leaves "Coenaldinho7" with Title and .3 Million 101
Picture c/o PokerStars Blog.

"bindernutnut" busted in ninth almost immediately, and the early levels also proved unkind to Kostritsyn, who slid down to about 6.5 million at blinds of 175,000/350,000. He then bluffed off his stack to "AlwaysiNduCe," who called a river shove on a 10854J board with a set of tens against Kostritsyn's 96.

"KTA-1985" followed them in seventh after losing a race with the 77 to the AJ of "beertjes79." Rory "Mr.Kingball" Brown then shipped his remaining stack of roughly nine big blinds from the button with the J8 but didn't improve against the A10 held by "AlwaysiNduCe."

At that point, "Coenaldinho7" had chipped up to 20.8 million at blinds of 250,000/500,000 and negotiations began on a deal. Nothing came to fruition, however, as chip leader "AlwaysiNduCe's" terms weren't going to be met.

Shortly after "Ravic85" busted in fifth though, it was Nolet with the chip lead at 34.9 million and "AlwaysiNduCe" in third with 20.3 million. Evidently the latter's new weaker bargaining position made him more amenable to a deal, and one was struck with Nolet taking $1.223 million, "Coenaldinho7" $1.1 million, "AlwaysiNduCe" $1 million, and "beertjes79" $800,000.

The four left $200,000 on the table for the winner, and it was "Coenaldinho7" and "AlwaysiNduCe" heads up for the remaining payday. "Coenaldinho7" had taken the lead when the two got it all in on a board of 5210K with "Coenaldinho7" having flopped top pair with the 107. "AlwaysiNduCe" had overtaken him on the turn with the K5, but a 10 river saved the day for the Belgian and shipped him the title.

That officially closed the book on the 14th edition of WCOOP, with PokerStars having paid out more than $66 million across 70 tournaments.

Of course there's still plenty of action to be had on PokerStars. Download today to get started!

*Images courtesy of PokerStars Blog.

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  • 2015 WCOOP $5,200 Main Event saw Belgium's "Coenaldinho7" claim the title & $1.3 million as part of four-way deal.

  • Three millionaires are crowned in 2015 WCOOP Main Event as part of four-way deal.

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