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Win a Free Copy of Moorman's Book of Poker Video

Moorman's Book of Poker Video

Moorman’s Book of Poker, which released a year ago and reviewed here on PokerNews, has received widespread critical acclaim, and is without a doubt one of the year's biggest releases.

Now, the book has been bolstered by the release of a video version, which brings his analysis to life as the exact situation being discussed in each hand is represented at all times on screen. The video book consists of eight videos – each of which consists of 10 hands from the book — with a total viewing time of 8 hours and 17 minutes.

Win a Free Copy of Moorman's Book of Poker Video 101

The video is voiced by co-author Byron Jacobs, and there is an introduction by Chris Moorman.

"One of the main resources I have used over the years to improve my game is watching videos," Moorman told PokerNews. "I find the material is a lot easier to process when the information is all there in front of me. I have had a lot of requests to produce material like this so I am delighted that D&B Poker have produced a video version of Moorman’s Book of Poker. This pack will undoubtedly improve any player’s game who plays around the $30-$50 buy-in level."

Jacobs, producer of the video, echoed those sentiments: "Moorman’s Book of Poker was released a year ago and has had great critical and commercial success. Since the book essentially consists of hand replays it makes it ideal for a video format. Everyone is familiar with poker videos and having the action unfold on screen means that the viewer can focus totally on the analysis. The fact that the video version is over eight hours long is an interesting testament to how much information there is in a good quality poker book. The video pack can hardly fail to improve your MTT game, whether you have already bought the book or not."

A 25-minute preview is available for free – click here to register – and for those who have already bought the paperback or ebook, from any source, just email proof of purchase (receipt) to [email protected] and in return you will receive a discount code to get 15% DISCOUNT off the $45.00 video price tag. You can purchase your copy today by clicking here.

Finally, PokerNews will be giving away two free copies of the video book, one via our social media channels and one on the PokerNews Podcast. Be sure to pay attention to both next week for all the details.

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  • D&B Publishing just released Moorman's Book of Poker Video & PokerNews readers have chance to win a copy for free!

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