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Former Poker Dealer Sentenced for Chip Theft

  • A former poker dealer has been sentenced for chip theft.

A poker dealer who tried skimming tiny amounts of money out of the games he dealt last year has been sentenced in Cleveland, according to a report by Cory Shaffer on

Randall White, who formerly dealt poker games at Horseshoe Cleveland, was handed a sentence of 18 months probation and 250 hours of community service for stealing a reported $711 from the tables. White faced up to six years in prison on felony gambling charges, a punishment he could still be hit with should he fail to fulfill the terms of his probation.

White admitted to the presiding judge that he stole the money in hopes of raising some extra cash to help cover his daughter's legal fees. Perhaps in hopes of staying unnoticed, he tried taking the money in $5 and $10 increments and putting the chips in with the rest of his tips.

His ploy evidently failed as he was caught.

A story posted on last July reported that a dealer at the Horseshoe had been caught stealing chips and sliding them into his tip jar. He was caught by gaming agents watching security footage who identified the repeated theft. The perpetrator wasn't identified in the piece, but the timing roughly coincides with the piece, which says White was caught in June.

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