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WATCH: 'Luckboxes' Completes Pilot for Poker Comedy Series

  • New pilot 'Luckboxes' comically questions, 'Is there really that much money in online poker?'

  • The latest from BET RAISE FOLD's Ryan Firpo is the new poker comedy series, 'Luckboxes.'

  • Ryan Firpo recently completed a comedy series pilot for 'Luckboxes,' showcasing the online poker world.

LUCKBOXES // Original Series Trailer from Ryan Firpo on Vimeo.

Luckboxes: An Original Series About Hitting It Big, a new poker comedy series created by Ryan Firpo, finished its 30-minute pilot this September, with the hopes of launching the series online (streaming) or on cable.

The inspiration for this series for Firpo, according to their website, came from Firpo's feature-length documentary on the online poker industry, BET RAISE FOLD. Using those wild stories, he created a roundup of quirky characters to tell the online poker story in all its facets.

The coming-of-age story follows two brothers, who, after the recession in 2009, find themselves needing another form of income to save their home from foreclosure. In true poker form, the main character, Ariel (Taylor Cross) is a recent graduate who doubled majored in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics.

In his current job as a furniture salesman, he meets Zoe (Samantha Jayne), the most feared online poker player known as "durp." She runs a high-stakes professional poker player stable - called Team durp - from the comfort of her luxurious mansion (with its own personal sushi chef included) and bankrolls three other players, including the brothers, Ariel and Sean (Austin Arnold).

"Last year, I was a freshman at Brown majoring in international finance and on the weekends I would play online poker just to blow off some steam," Jayne (as Zoe) said in one of their clips online. "And pretty soon, I realized that I could either graduate with $400,000 in student loans during the worst recession in 80 years, or I could become a multimillionaire before I turned 20."

Here's that clip:

LUCKBOXES // Zoe's Deal from Ryan Firpo on Vimeo.

Two other clips online show scenes where Ariel interviews for a job while his brother threatens to strip in order to get computer rights and where Zoe introduces the rest of Team durp (using their names and screen names).

Ryan Firpo is listed in the credits as creator, writer, director, producer and editor. Joining him as co-writer is Eli Shapiro. Also included in the list of executive producers is a familiar name to poker, Jason Sommerville.

Discover this and more at or follow them on Twitter @luckboxes_tv.

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