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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Oversharing, A Joker, FedEx and Baby Somerville

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  • This week's Tweet, Tweet Bad Beat will make you rethink all your life choices. Or not.

  • Is there such a thing as oversharing on social media in the poker world? We think not.

Every week we try and catch your poker favorites doing something particularly relatable. Sometimes that’s poker; sometimes it’s not. In some cases, these folks are similar to those people on your social media that you look at and go, “What?!” and wonder how in the world they do some of the things they do.

This week might be one of those weeks.

Overshare? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen lasik on social media. Not sure I ever should, but Chris Moorman, you do you.

This is either the grossest or the cutest post ever. Some poker player love shared round the world from Max Pescatori who inquires about his pal, Neymar, making sure that he’s OK and then kindly reminding him that in poker, this does not happen. #bestfriendsforlyfe

I think my favorite part about this casual work day look is that the first comment is pretty accurate; Danielle Moon Andersen, you work that look!

For those of you on the slow side, this watch actually features the PokerStars logo! What a nice present to come home to….Thiago Grigoletti.

Back to TwitchCon because ain’t no party like a TwitchCon party and a TwitchCon party don’t stop...

ElkY is just soo popular. Cameos by Scott Ball, Parker Talbot, Maria Ho and Jason Somerville.

Jason Somerville’s beard game is on point for his meet and greet.

Some other weird realities this week...

Pun game is strong with this one! No small order reaching out to Jesus, Brian Rast.

Now I don’t have to wonder what a Dan Bilzerian, Sam Abernathy, Bill Perkins and Steve Aoki house party looks like. Most important fact: Dan Bilzerian, it’s a no cry zone.

Does Fedor Holz realize that Halloween isn’t until Oct. 31? Honestly though, this mini joker rivals Heath Ledger

Poker pro perks, anyone?

Let’s be real. These guys are definitely my home cook heroes.

This is too awkward of a family photo for me. One word: hands.

There are no words for how fantastical this ad is. All hail the masters of Photoshop. You win, Somerville. Somerville, 1, world, 0.

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