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Dan Bilzerian

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United States
Total Live Earnings $36,626
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Dan Bilzerian is an American businessman and recreational poker player. He is also a former GGPoker Ambassador.

He has claimed that he was the pioneer of the Loose-Aggressive (LAG) style of poker and that he has won over $50 million playing poker.

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Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida. He has one recorded poker cash, finishing in 180th place at the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event.

He has previously tussled with Doug Polk on Twitter, with Bilzerian alleging that he had probably won more in one night than Polk had made throughout his entire career.

In December 2020, to celebrate his 40th birthday, Bilzerian joined GGPoker with a $100,000 Birthday Freeroll.

"In these crazy times, GGPoker is the best option to get my poker on," Bilzerian said at the time. "They cater to the recreational players and that’s the future of poker, not a bunch of math nerds."

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"I’ve battled guys from the $2 buy-in to the $200,000 buy-in tables at GGPoker, and will be working with GG to make cash game tables even better for the average player out there.”

In 2021, Bilzerian was rumoured to be playing a $100,000,000 Heads-up Match against billionaire Alec Gores. However, Bilzerian later claimed that his opponent was stalling ahead of the match.

He also appeared on the Doug Polk podcast and was grilled on how he made his money.

Bilzerian's partnership with GGPoker didn't last long and he left the site in 2022 amid some controversy about his "sexist" behavior. On the way out, he referred to poker players as "f*****g nerds."

Dan Bilzerian History in Poker

Dan Bilzerian has recorded just one live tournament cash that reached Hendon Mob status. That was for a 180th place finish in the 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, a $36,626 score.

But his mark on the poker world has nothing to do with tournament results as he doesn’t even play many tournaments. Bilzerian is known to compete in some of the biggest private games in the world and says he’s won more than $50 million lifetime, much of it against billionaire investor Alec Gores. Although some dispute that claim, many high rollers in the Hollywood and Los Angeles poker scene have backed up those claims.

Is Dan Bilzerian Good at Poker?

This is a difficult question to answer because “good” is subjective and Bilzerian doesn’t play in public games. That said, there are many who have backed up the claims that he’s won millions in the nosebleed private games in Los Angeles over the years.

Granted, those games don’t typically involve the most skilled players, so the competition isn’t great. But if the ultimate goal of poker is to win a ton of money, he’s done exceptionally well in that area.

Wealth - What is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth?

According to ABC, Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is estimated to exceed $300 million. That number fluctuates often due to his large investments and also the fact that he plays in some high stakes poker games. A few losses and all of a sudden he could be down to $200 million, or a few big wins and it goes the other way.

How Did Dan Bilzerian Make His Money?

This is where the controversy with Dan Bilzerian begins. According to the social media playboy, he made the bulk of his money through poker. Some agree, others dispute that claim.

Many have argued that he inherited the money from his father, Paul Bilzerian, who owed the government $60 million, but never paid off the debt. Some have claimed that Dan Bilzerian’s wealth was built through that undiscovered money.

Dan Bilzerian Family, Wife and Children

Dan Bilzerian has no wife or kids, but he does have a brother named Adam Bilzerian and a father named Paul Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian Wife - Is Dan Bilzerian Married?

Dan Bilzerian is not married but he has numerous girlfriends that change depending on the day or month.

Does Dan Bilzerian Have Children?

Dan Bilzerian does not have any kids and it appears he isn’t interested in having children. Having a family could get in the way of his playboy, lavish lifestyle that includes sex parties and heavy drinking.

Who is Dan Bilzerian’s Father?

Dan Bilzerian’s father is Paul Bilzerian, a former corporate takeover specialist who was arrested in the late 1980s over some financial crimes, convicted and spent nearly two years in prison.

Dan Bilzerian’s Brother - Who is Paul Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian’s brother is Adam Bilzerian, who was born in 1983 in Tampa, Florida. Adam has refrained from entering the spotlight like his brother. He is a writer and poker player.

Dan Bilzerian Controversies

Dan Bilzerian has been attached to a number of controversies over the years, although none have been criminally related.

Accusations of Sexism

On numerous occasions, Bilzerian has been accused of being a sexist. Many say his consistent posts on social media of half-naked women portray women in a bad light.

In 2020, he told poker player Vanessa Kade to “shut up hoe” on Twitter after she criticized his sexist behavior.

Dan Bilzerian FAQs

Is Dan Bilzerian broke?

We do not believe he’s broke.

Was Dan Bilzerian in the military?

Not technically as he never graduated the Navy SEAL program

Is Dan Bilzerian a millionaire?

Yes, he is worth many millions.

Why is Dan Bilzerian famous?

Dan Bilzerian became famous because of his outlandish lifestyle in which he shows off on social media.

Where does Dan Bilzerian live?

He lives in Los Angeles but also has a pad in Las Vegas.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s house like?

Bilzerian’s Los Angeles mansion is massive and is the ultimate playboy pad.

How tall is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Is Dan Bilzerian a fraud?

That’s a matter of opinion.

Is Dan Bilzerian a Navy Seal?

No he isn’t and he never was, but he did attempt to become one in 2000 before failing to graduate from the Navy SEAL program.

Does Dan Bilzerian have a book?

Yes he does. In 2021, he wrote an autobiography titled “The Setup.”

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Event Place Prize
2009 World Series of Poker
Event 57 - $10,000 World Championship No Limit Hold'em
180th $36,626

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