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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Pet Therapy, Doppelgängers and Twitchin'

Tweet Tweet Bad Beat 3
  • True poker players post their weird life events on social media. This week on Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat.

Poker players are just like you! They do weird things and then they post on social media about them. This week on Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat, everything from pet therapy after a bad loss and doppelgängers to twitchin' at TwitchCon.

Phil Hellmuth just seems like the kind of guy to yell U! S! A! at every inappropriate moment. But in the Ryder Cup instance, it’s warranted boasting.

This is what I imagine happens when you put three poker players in a room with little to do…

Recovery after a bad stint is crucial. #pettherapy

Matt Savage gets particularly presidential, golfing in his spare time.

Moorman, is that you?

Thou shalt not undertake liposuction.

And she’s back with a bang! Or a boom? Jackie Glazier, ladies and gentlemen.

Doug Polk gets an upgrade.

Cereal > poker.

Honey, I shrunk Erik Seidel!

Poker Players Twitch It Out at TwitchCon


What does it mean to have a true Kappa face…? #realtalk

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