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Daniel Harwood Wins the Inaugural DTD200

Daniel Harwood
  • Daniel Harwood wins the inaugural DTD200 event, turning £220 into £20,400.

Daniel Harwood secured the third-largest live poker tournament cash of his career this weekend when he came out on top in the inaugural DTD200 at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham.

Harwood finished third in a £300 buy in Deepstack event at DTD in July 2015 for £22,500 and followed that up with a £22,540 score in the UKIPT London Main Event in April 2016. Now he has added £19,850 to his lifetime winnings after winning the DTD200.

DTD200 Final Table Payouts (Jan. 15)

1Daniel Harwood£19,850
2Seb Pawlak£11,650
3Oliver Stone£7,650
4Tim Slater£5,550
5Greg Harrison£4,525
6Lawrence Gosney£3,775
7Juraj Kasar£3,150
8Lee West£2,550
9Naaman Morris£2,000

All players at the final table also won a £550 Millions seat

Naaman Morris navigated his way to the nine-handed final table but was the first player eliminated under the spotlights. Morris moved all in for his last eight big blinds with king-five and Juraj Kasar came over the top with an isolating all-in raise with what turned out to be ace-king. The ace of hearts landed in the window and there was no help from the other four community cards for the stricken Morris.

Eighth place went to Lee West when his last five big blinds went into the middle of the felt while holding pocket kings. Usually such a hand would result in a timely double up of his stack, but West’s hand ran into the pocket aces of Seb Pawlak. Both players improved to a set by the river and West was gone.

Kasar was the next to fall when he pushed in from under the gun with jack-ten and was called by Oliver Stone and his ace-six in the big blind. Stone caught an ace on the flop and Kasar paired his jack. The turn was a ten, gifting Kasar the lead, but the river was a six to improve Stone to a superior two pair, reducing the final table to only six players.

Six became five with the elimination of World Series of Poker bracelet winner Lawrence Gosney. Harwood opened the betting with ace-four, Gosney three-bet all in with king-deuce and Harwood called. Neither player improved by the river, meaning Harwood’s ace-high was the best hand and sent Gosney to the rail.

The field was whittled further when Greg Harrison open-shoved on a queen-high flop that had two clubs with his king-seven of clubs. Pawlak called with a pair of red kings, and when both the turn and river came out red, Harrison’s run ended.

Two losses in back-to-back hands cut down Tim Slater. First, Slater’s ace-nine lost to Stone’s pair of tens before his last few chips went into the center of the table with ten-six and lost to Harwood’s pocket nines.

Stone was the next player to bust, his third-place finish netting him £7,650 for his £220 investment. Pawlak completed the small blind with king-jack and then called when Stone moved all in from the big blind with ace-nine. Pawlak caught a jack to send Stone to the showers.

Pawlak trailed Harwood by 6.1 million to 7.7 million chips despite helping himself to Stone’s stack, but he was soon void of chips after the following hand took place.

At the 80,000/160,000 level, Harwood raised to 425,000, Pawlak three-bet, Harwood quickly moved all in and Pawlak called. It was {10-Hearts}{10-Spades} for Harwood versus the {K-Clubs}{J-Clubs} of Pawlak, a typical coin flip for a £20,000 prize. The {6-Spades}{A-Spades}{3-Clubs} flop kept Harwood’s tens in front, with the {8-Clubs} turn giving Pawlak a host of extra outs to a flush. The {6-Diamonds} river was not one of those outs so Pawlak fell in second place, leaving Harwood to become the first DTD200 champion.

The DTD200 returns this weekend and again features a £100,000 guaranteed prize pool. Fans of short-handed tables should head to both partypoker and DTD to play in this tournament as the DTD200 running from Jan. 19 to Jan. 22 is a six-max affair.

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