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Get Your Grind on at RedKings

  • Learn more about the ongoing Grinder's Week promotion only available at RedKings Poker.

RedKings Poker is rewarding those players who go the extra mile each week by giving them the chance to win up to €625 every week in the Grinder’s Week promotion.

Grinder’s Week replaces RedKings’ weekly points race and and invites players to a heads-up freeroll where the players are put all-in in each hand, leaving chance and luck to do their thing. Everyone who is invited to the special flip freeroll is guaranteed to win a prize.

There are three levels to Grinder’s Week: Bronze, Gold and Elite. Each level requires players to earn more Loyalty Points throughout the week, but also results in greater rewards if you hit the higher levels.

LevelAchievement required
EliteEarn 5,000 LP per day for at least five days within a week
GoldEarn 1,000 LP per day for at least five days within a week
BronzeEarn 300 LP per day for at least five days within a week

Loyalty Points are earned at a rate of 10 per €1 contributed to the cash game rake or tournament fees, which means players only need to generate €30 of rake in order to gain access to the freeroll.

It is worth noting that players must hit their achievement for five days within a week otherwise they are only eligible for the bottom tier of prizes. For example, if a player earns 1,000 LP for four days and then only earns 800 LP on one day, they can only win prizes from the Bronze level of payouts.

Example Payout With 100 Players

*LevelPosition 1-10Position 11-25Position 26-50Position 50+

The payouts would remain the same if there are only 50 players invited to the freeroll but the number of places paid alters.

Example Payout With 50 Players

*LevelPosition 1-5Position 6-12Position 13-25Position 26+

In addition to Grinder’s Week, RedKings has an ongoing bonus revolving around a play on its name. Anyone who is dealt a pair of red kings ({K-Hearts}{K-Diamonds} in a Texas hold’em cash game receives a €300 bonus if they email with the hand number the kings were dealt into. This bonus clears after raking €1,500.

You can also receive a €500 bonus if you lose a hand with a pair of red kings at showdown in a Texas hold’em cash game. Again, the hand number must be sent by email to and the bonus clears after generating €2,500 of rake.

The red kings bonuses can only be claimed once per player

Download RedKings via PokerNews today and you’ll not only be able to play in the Grinder’s Week promotion and be rewarded for being dealt or losing with a pair of red kings, but you’ll also receive a 200 percent up to €1,000 welcome bonus on your first deposit, a free €5 tournament ticket, access to more than €10,000 of New Player Tournaments and entry into the RedKings Loyalty program where you can earn up to 30 percent rakeback.

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