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Tweet, Tweet, 888 Beat: Kicking Off 888Live

Bruno Kawauti, Änna Wegscheider and 888Live Rozvadov Drinks
  • Family outings, drinks, $$$ and RBF. The ingredients for the best social media.

This week marked the last week of the 888poker Super XL Series and the first of the 888Live Festival in Rozvadov. To document all the fun times, PokerNews collected up the final round of posts that rose above the rest.

Family outings are always the best...

...But drinks are better.

The quiet before the storm.


Resting bitch face on.

Two thumbs up? #movementblur

Just give me the money, mmkk?



Lead images courtesy of Bruno Kawauti, Joanna Kwak and Änna Wegscheider

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