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Carnegie Mellon AI Beats Poker Pros Again

AI Beats Chinese Poker Pros
  • This time there were 36,000 hands and these were Chinese poker pros.

Carnegie Mellon artificial intelligence program, Lengpudashi, beat six Chinese players by $793,327 in virtual chips in a 36,000-hand exhibition April 10.

This program is a version of Libratus, which accomplished a similar feat, one with 120,000 hands in January in Pittsburgh. Libratus beat four poker pros in a 20-day heads-up, no-limit hold’em competition.

According to a release from Carnegie Mellon, the company responsible for both AI, Strategic Machine Inc., will take home the pot of $290,000.

One distinction between this showcase comparative to Libratus’ win is that Lengpudashi’s margin of victory was greater: 220 milli-big-blinds per game versus the 147 milli-big-blinds per game for Libratus.

This measurement is one-thousandth of the bet required to win a game, so milli-big-blinds per game is a standard metric to compare poker efficiency.

The Chinese pros on Team Dragons were led by Alan Du, a Shenghai venture capitalist who won a 2016 WSOP bracelet. The entire exhibition was organized by Kai-Fu Lee, a former faculty member and alumnus of Carnegie Mellon, who is the current chief executive officer of Sinovation Ventures.

Lead image courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University

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