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Merit Poker Top Guns Tournament Offers Over $1 Million in Guarantees

Merit Poker 2 Main Events
  • These top gun tourneys could make you a top gun.

The 2017 Merit Poker Series proceeds at the luxurious five-star Merit Crystal Cove Casino and Resort in North Cyprus with Merit Poker Top Guns May 31 through June 11.

The Merit Poker team, under the management of Songül Bekem Bolat, creates an entertaining atmosphere in the poker room by organizing events with various concepts.

The colorful setup and attractive prize pools make the Merit Poker events incredibly popular with players from more than 35 countries including Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Israel, Romania, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus.

The previous festival, the Mediterranean Poker Cup April 26 – May 7, had over $1,000,000 in combined guarantees and has set a new record in prize pool payouts, which exceeded $2,500,000.

Two $2,200 Main Events, $350,000 guaranteed each, distributed over $1,100,000 in hard cash. The guaranties on each tournament doubled and even tripled!

Merit Poker Top Guns is a 12-day poker festival with more than 28 events on the schedule that boasts over $1,000,000 in combined guarantees and includes two $2,200 Main Events, $350,000 guaranteed each.

Both Main Events will run for five days with the registration open during 10 levels. Other significant tournaments featured in the schedule are the $800 Warm Up and $5,000 High Roller, both with $125,000 guaranteed.

There is also the $10,000 Super High Roller, $1,100 Mix-Max with $45,000 guaranteed, $660 Survivor tournament with $30,000 guaranteed and a whole range of bounty events.

Merit Poker Top Guns also offers a variety of freerolls and satellites, including Midnight S&G satellites with various buy-ins, to keep any poker players busy. Cash games will be available nonstop during the festival.

In addition to offering plenty of poker action, poker players and their friends can take advantage of the entertainment provided by Merit. Well-known performer and world-famous pop star Arash will be meeting his fans during the spectacular performance on the stage of Merit Royal June 9.

The full schedule:

31-May 12:00 PM  Welcome Freeroll to Event # 1, R&A $50Free$2,000 (1 Seat)
  1:00 PM 1NL Main Event #1, Day 1A$2000+$200$350,000
  5:00 PM 2NL Main Event Turbo Sat. to ME #1 D. 1B, R&A$150+$15$8,800 (4 Seats)
  9:00 PM 3NL Turbo Bounty ($200 KO)$500+$50$20,000
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. to ME#1 Day 1B$400+$40 
01-June 1:00 PM 1NL Main Event #1, Day 1B$2000+$200$350,000
  6:00 PM 4NL Win The Button$250+$25$7,500
  7:00 PM  NL Freeroll to Event # 5, R&A $25Free$1,200 (2 Seats)
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  9:30 PM 5NL Survivor$600+$60$30.000
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. to HR$500+$50 
02- June 1:00 PM 1NL Main Event #1, Day 2$2000+$200$350,000
  6:00 PM 6NL Irish Holdem$300+$30$10,000
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  9:30 PM 7NL Hold'em Re-buy & Add-on$250+$25$25,000
  10:00 PM  NL Super High Roller-Day1, 8 Max$9500+$500 
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. to ME#2 Day 1A$400+$40 
03- June 1:00 PM 1NL Main Event #1 ,Day 3Closed$350,000
  5:00 PM 8Omaha Pot Limit$500+$50$10,000
  9:00 PM 9NL Bounty 6-max ($300 KO)$600+$60$30,000
  10:00 PM  NL Super High Roller-Day2, 8 Max$9500+$500 
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. to ME#2 Day 1A$400+$40 
04- June 1:00 PM 10NL Warm Up, Day 1A$730+$70$125,000
  3:00 PM 1NL Main Event #1 Final DayClosed$350,000
  6:00 PM  NL Freeroll to Event # 11, R&A $25Free$1,000 (1 Seat)
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  9:00 PM 11NL Mix-Max-9Max-Day1$1000+$100$45.000
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. to HR$500+$50 
05-June 1:00 PM 10NL Warm Up, Day 1B$730+$70$125,000
  6:00 PM 12PL Omaha Bounty ($200 KO)$500+$50$10,000
  7:00 PM 11NL Mix-Max-6Max-Day2$1000+$100$45.000
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  10:00 PM 13NL Turbo Satellite to High Roller R&A$200+$20$10,000 (2 Seats)
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. to ME#2 Day 1A$400+$40 
06-June 1:00 PM 10NL Warm Up, Day 2$730+$70$125,000
  5:00 PM 14NL Turbo Bounty ($200 KO)$400+$40$15,000
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  9:30 PM 15NL Main Event#2 Super Satellite to Day 1A$400+$40$22,000(10Seats)
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. To HR$500+$50 
07-June 1:00 PM 16NL Main Event #2, Day 1A$2,000+$200$350,000
  3:00 PM 10NL Warm Up, Final DayClosed$125,000
  6:00 PM 17NL Main Event Turbo Satellite Day to 1B, R&A$150+$15$8,800 (4 Seats)
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  9:30 PM 18NL High Roller Super Satellite$500+$50$20,000(4Seats)
  12:00 AM  NL Midnight S&G Sat. to ME#2 Day 1B$400+$40 
08-June 1:00 PM 16NL Main Event #2, Day 1B$2,000+$200$350,000
  6:00 PM 19NL HR Turbo Satellite in Day 1,R&A$200+$20$10,000 (2Seats)
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  9:30 PM 20NL Turbo Deep Stack$500+50$20,000
  10:00 PM 21NL High Roller Event 8- Max, Day 1$4,700 + 300$125,000
09-June 1:00 PM 16NL Main Event #2, Day 2$2,000+200$350,000
  5:00 PM 22NL HR Turbo Satellite in Day 2,R&A$200+20$10,000 (2 Seats)
  8:00 PM  NL Ladies Tournament$100-
  9:30 PM 23NL Hyper Turbo Deep Stack$400+$40$15,000
  10:00 PM 21NL High Roller Event 8- Max, Day 2$4,700+ $300$125,000
10-June 1:00 PM 16NL Main Event #2, Day 3Closed$350,000
  2:00 PM 24NL Turbo Bounty ($300 KO)$500+$50$15,000
  6:00 PM 25NL Big Ante$300+$30$10,000
  9:30 PM 26NL Bounty 8 max $500 K.O$1,000+$100$35,000
  10:00 PM 21NL High Roller Event 8- Max , Day 3$4,700+ $300$125,000
11- June 1:00 PM 27NL 6 Max Bounty-$200 K.O.$400+$40$15.000
  3:00 PM 16NL Main Event #2,Final DayClosed$350,000
  7:00 PM 28NL Turbo R&A($150 R&A)$150+$15$10.000
  8:00 PM 21NL High Roller Event 8- Max, Final DayClosed$125,000

Merit Poker has been organizing poker series at Merit Crystal Cove Hotel since 2009, and apart from attractive prize pools, guarantees its participants a five-star holiday in one of the best resorts in North Cyprus.

Exciting poker action, cash games running 24 hours a day on a variety of stakes and all-inclusive treatment with a hot buffet, cigarettes and cigars, hot and cold beverages and spirits in the poker room attract thousands of recreational and professional players, both foreign and local, every year.

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