Partypoker Introduces Diamond Club Featuring at Least 50% Rakeback

Partypoker Introduces Diamond Club Featuring at Least 50% Rakeback 0001

Partypoker has been bucking the latest trend in online poker to eliminate rakeback and to reduce overall rewards especially for top volume players.

A couple of weeks ago, partypoker replaced its rewards program to a simplified scheme that awards players 20 to 40 percent of their rake depending on their volume.

This week, partypoker announced on its blog the launch of the Diamond Club for its top volume players that rake at least $100,000 over any 12-month period.

The Diamond Club benefits include dedicated 24/7 Skype Customer Support from the Diamond Club team and award its members at least 50 percent in rakeback and VIP bonuses.

Partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard will oversee the Diamond Club. He shared on the partypoker Blog one of the reasons he joined partypoker was their commitment to him to have the interests of players in mind when making decisions.

"I joined partypoker initially because management promised me that they would have the player’s best interests in mind and invest in the poker community and the Diamond Club will be an important part of this strategy," said Leonard. "Over recent years, I have unfortunately seen certain online sites punish regular players who start games and encourage predatory regulars to prey on amateur players and weaker players. The Diamond Club will reward regulars who start games and continue games and not reward these predatory regs who jump into a game for a small amount of time when they believe their win rate is sky high and sit out when the weaker player has gone broke. I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t have a background in poker try and come up with ‘revolutionary’ ways to improve loyalty systems and not surprisingly, most of them have failed. Quite simply, those who want to support partypoker and make this their home for playing poker will be rewarded generously. Those who want to use partypoker to only prey on weaker players will not."

Managing Director of partypoker Tom Waters credited Leonard's input in creating the Diamond Club as part of the site's new cashback loyalty program.

"It’s important that we reward all our players," Waters said on the partypoker Blog. "The Diamond Club comes as part of the roll-out of the new, significantly improved partypoker Cashback loyalty program. Having Patrick’s input in creating this VIP level in the new, rewarding rakeback scheme was imperative to ensure we got this right. We have listened and I’m sure that we are giving the players what they want."

Players can apply for a Diamond Club membership should email [email protected] and should expect a response by a member of the Diamond Club team within 24 hours.

Download partypoker via PokerNews today and you will immediately be awarded with a 100 percent match up to $500 on your first deposit!

  • Patrick Leonard will oversee the new Diamond Club at partypoker.

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