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Slotomania FREE Slot Machines Online: 150+ Games to Play for Fun

Slotomania FREE Slot Machines Online: 150+ Games to Play for Fun
  • Play free slot machine games on Slotomania, the number 1 slot game app for US players!

Ever wondered if there was a way to play slot machines for as long as you wanted with a bonus that simply doesn’t run out?

As "too good to be true" as it sounds, at Slotomania not only can you play the best slot machines online, but you can also collect free coins forever with this ultimate strategy.

Getting back to the games:

Slot game enthusiasts will find that Slotomania hosts some incredibly animated video slots with themes ranging from your favorite childhood fairy tales to action packed fantasy settings.

Before diving into the wide range of genres and games, we will explain exactly what Slotomania is, how it works, and how you can get in on a 10,000-coin bonus just by signing up to use on any video slot on the site!

What is Slotomania?

Slotomania is essentially a collection of slot machines virtualized into a smooth functioning mobile app. While you can also play from your desktop, the app is really where the magic’s at and where you can get the best ‘slot machine turned digital’ experience!

Slotomania FREE Slot Machines Online: 150+ Games to Play for Fun

Play Slotomania Games for Free with a Welcome Bonus!

Before you even start placing any bets or choosing a game, once you register an account at Slotomania and complete the account creating process you are rewarded with 10,000 free coins!

These coins can be used on any video slot on the app, meaning that you can test out all the games, both titles you know and those you’ve never had the chance to try, before paying a single cent!

Before you can claim this bonus, though, you would need to create an account to play either on your desktop browser or (what we recommend) through the excellent application Slotomania has developed for both Android and iPhone!

Play Slotomania Games for Free with a Welcome Bonus!

How to Download Slotomania and Play Slots Machines on Your Phone

Slot machines are now available from your smartphone, and no app delivers an authentic slot experience like Slotomania.

From the selection of games to the app’s lobby design, you can enjoy plenty of individual and even social gaming elements through tournaments and slot events to participate in! All you need to do is follow the steps below and your account with 10K coins in it will be ready instantly!

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up and complete the registration process.
  3. Download the mobile application.
  4. Play over 150 games with your 10,000-coin bonus!

Slot Machine Games You Will Find on Slotomania

Now that you know what Slotomania is and how to sign up and collect thousands of coins to play slots for free, you are now probably wondering just how many games you can play and which ones you should start with.

Thanks to your welcome bonus, all games on Slotomania are free for you from the moment you join, but there are differences in the minimum and maximum bets on Slotomania, as well as the payouts and potential returns you can collect from each game.

The following section will discuss which games have the best payouts, and you will also be able to read some brief game reviews on Slotomania’s best free games!

The Best Games & Payouts: Exclusive Slotomania Game Reviews!

If you’re just after some fun vibrant games with incredibly graphics then you may be interested in checking out our game review of Slotomania’s best featured slots here.

If you’re a little more technical when it comes to your choice of games, below we will cover the highest-ranking games on Slotomania based on:

  1. Which Games Have the Best Odds
  2. What Games Offer the Best Payouts

The Slotomania Game to Play if You’re Hunting for the Best Odds

When you start off as a fresh member on Slotomania, the options are limited until you start levelling up. Don’t worry, levels move quickly and within no time you will progress to the big progressive jackpots that we’ll cover below.

But until you get there:

You should focus on playing slots with the best odds to make sure you have enough of your 10,000 free coins to play in the big leagues the moment they are unlocked. This is exactly why we recommend that you start with Farm Fortune.

Farm Fortune Game Review on Slotomania

Not only is this casino style version of Farmville (in a thematic sense) the only download free game available on Slotomania’s app for Level 1 players, but you can win a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins!

More about the game:

This slot has 3 rows and 5 reels with a total of 9 payline options. The symbols include produce like tomatoes and grape, in addition to some unique bonus symbols that trigger some fun mini games as well some exclusive free spins bonuses.

Farm Fortune Game Review: Slotomania

From the scarecrow symbol’s "Beat the Mole" mini game to free spins awarded when you get as few as 3 tractor scatter symbols, the game offers plenty of ways to boost your piggy bank while also helping you, slowly but surely, level up to higher paying games.

Slot Machine Review on Slotomania

At the beginning, you should aim for small consistent wins from games with better odds until you are able to collect enough experience points to unlock the big win games, which we’ll cover next.

If You Want the Best Payouts Try These Slotomania Games

So, you’re in it to win it, and the slow but steady stream of points and coins from Farm Fortune just don’t interest you.

Unfortunately, you do need to start with the lower payout games, but one trick is that you just hit auto play and wait for your levels to rise high enough to play for big league jackpots. Of course, then you would miss out on the cool bonus features, but you are sure to level up quickly.

Once you level up a bit you can scroll through Slotomania’s games and keep an eye out for 7 or even 8 figure jackpots. Below are a couple of screenshots of the highest game payouts available, of course the values change in time and may be different for you.

f You Want the Best Payouts Try These Slotomania Games

How to Play Slotomania Slot Machines with a Massive 10K Bonus!

As mentioned earlier, be sure to take full advantage of the free coins Slotomania offers to play their digital slot machines. The download for the app is 100% free; just as free as your first wave of bets thanks to this incredible offer for new players.

If you are reading this and have already collected your 10,000-coin bonus and want more, there are ways to collect even more free coins! You may have heard of some bonus collector apps or hacks for Slotomania, but there are plenty of easier ways to get free coins forever on Slotomania.

Find out more about Slotomania games, it’s loyalty program for new players and the features they have to offer in a complete casino review featured on our partner site, CasinoSmash!

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