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The Gardens Poker Festival Leads Into WPT500

The Gardens Casino
  • The Gardens Casino Poker Festival leads into the WPT500 in California with 16 events.

Coming into the first WPT500 in California, The Gardens Casino will host the 2017 The Gardens Casino Poker Festival.

The WPT500, a no-limit hold’em tournament, comes with a $565 buy-in and a $1 million guarantee. The final table will be live streamed globally. The Day 1 sessions run from May 21 through May 29.

Single-day tournaments will be held before and during the WPT500 Los Angeles Main Event.

Kicking off the Gardens Casino Poker Festival will be a $30,000 guarantee knockout bounty event followed by the Senior Poker Tour event the next day.

With over $1.3 million in guarantees across 16 events (and a variety of satellites), The Gardens Poker Festival runs May 15-31.

Three “timed” tournaments will play and end at a predetermined time. Players can also get involved in STEPS tournaments, starting as low as $25 and working up to a $10,000 prize pool.

The festival will host multiple events beyond no-limit hold’em, including Event #4: Limit Hold’em and Event #10: Mixed Game (Big-O Hi-Lo, Seven-card Stud Hi-Lo, 8 or Better).

On May 19, players can buy in for $175 with an optional $100 add-on to play for a share of the $75,000 guaranteed prize pool.

For those who don’t qualify or bust on Day 2 of the WPT500, a $1,100 buy-in Six-Handed Mega Deepstack turbo with an action clock should be the perfect addition to the summer bankroll, starting with 50,000 chips.

Here's the tournament schedule:

1May 1512 p.m.NLH Bounty ($50 Bounties) Opt. $50 AO$30,000$175
2May 155 p.m.NLH Timed Tournament 1 Opt. $50 AO w/ Action Clock$10,000$110
3May 1610 a.m.NLH Senior Event 50+ SPT 1 Opt. $50 AO$10,000$110 or $1K*
4May 1612 p.m.Limit Hold'em 1 Opt. $50 AO$10,000$110
5May 163 p.m.NLH Turbo STEPS STEP 1: 40% Advance to STEP 2 $25
 May 164:30 p.m.NLH Turbo STEPS STEP 2: 40% Advance to STEP 3 $50
 May 166 p.m.NLH Turbo STEPS STEP 3: 10% in the money 1 Opt. $20 AO$10,000$110
6May 1712 p.m.NLH Deepstack 1 Opt. $50 AO$40,000$175
7May 175 p.m.NLH Timed Tournament 1 Opt. $50 AO w/ Action Clock$10,000$110
8May 1812 p.m.NLH Timed Tournament 1 Opt. $50 AO w/ Action Clock$10,000$110
9May 185 p.m.NLH Bounty ($50 Bounties) 1 Opt. $50 AO$40,000$175
10May 1911 a.m.BIG-O Hi-Lo/Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Mix 1 Opt. $50$10,000$110
11May 195 p.m.NLH Deepstack 1 Opt. $100 AO$75,000$175
12May 2012 p.m.NLH Bounty ($50 Bounties) 1 Opt. $50 AO$30,000$175
13May 203 p.m.NLH Player Card Promo 2 Opt. $20 AOs$7,500$60 or $30**
14May 2111 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1A$1,000,000$565
 May 2211 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1B$1,000,000$565
 May 2311 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1C$1,000,000$565
 May 2411 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1D$1,000,000$565
 May 2511 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1E$1,000,000$565
 May 255 p.m.NLH WPT500 TURBO! Main Event 1F$1,000,000$565
 May 2611 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1G$1,000,000$565
 May 265 p.m.NLH WPT500 TURBO! Main Event 1H$1,000,000$565
 May 2711 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1I$1,000,000$565
 May 275 p.m.NLH WPT500 TURBO! Main Event 1J$1,000,000$565
 May 2811 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1K$1,000,000$565
 May 285 p.m.NLH WPT500 TURBO! Main Event 1L$1,000,000$565
 May 2911 a.m.NLH WPT500 Main Event 1M$1,000,000$565
 May 295 p.m.NLH WPT500 TURBO! Main Event 1N (Last Chance!)$1,000,000$565
 May 301 p.m.Day 2 WPT500  
 May 313 p.m.Day 3 WPT500 Final Table - Global Live Stream  
15May 303 p.m.6 Handed NLH Mega Deepstack Turbo w/ Action Clock $1,100
16May 3112 p.m.NLH Bounty ($50 Bounties) 1 Opt. $50 AO$30,000$175
  • Single Table Satellite for WPT500 - May 15-May 30
  • Super Mega Satellite for WPT500 - May 19, 25-28 at 9 p.m. - 5 ($565) Seats Guaranteed - $80 buy-in
  • Mega Satellite - May 20-24 at 6 p.m. - 3 ($565) Seats Guaranteed - $80 buy-in

*Under 50 = $1,000
**with five scans on player card the week of 5/13-5/19. All players must have positive ID.

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