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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Weight Loss Bets and Summer Bods

Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Weight Loss Bets and Summer Bods 0001
  • We celebrated #SocialMediaDay with the best of the best in summer looks.

As we celebrate #SocialMediaDay, it is apparent that players are not only using social media to talk about poker and give tournament updates, but to show that they have lives outside of poker. Players that use social media give their followers a glimpse into their everyday lives and a better understanding of the life of a grinder. Many players have been in Las Vegas since the beginning of the 2017 World Series of Poker, which is now into week five, so it is no surprise that many of them have taken time off to defy gravity atop the Stratosphere or to rail the finals of a slot tourney!

Looks like a great gig, but don’t forget about poker! Plus, you look great!

Are you sure you didn’t mean great whine?

If you’ve never said this to yourself, you’ve never played poker.

Some guys just can’t handle Vegas!

Is there any justifiable reason for dangling off the top of the Stratosphere?

Stop climbing mountains and get to the WSOP! Seriously.

Male models or poker players? You be the judge.

Impressive! Keep up the good work, and win that bet.

Gorgeous photo, what else can we say!

Quit taking all the attention, Stacy! Did anyone even notice the cool statute in the pic?

Biscuits and gravy – the new breakfast of champions?

Watch out Rocks Bar! These three seem like trouble.

Sounds like an appropriate greeting from a poker player!

You’d really trade playing tournaments to lounge in the sun every day? Crazy talk.

What’s with everyone prepping for the WSOP on the beach and in the mountains? #livingthedream

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